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Affordable & Fun – The GTeng T905F FPV Racing Drone

The First Person View feature has gained in popularity in recent months, especially to those of you who love racing drones. You will probably remember that the 5.8GHz analog mode and its large bandwidth is essential for a real-time lossless experience. However, FPV monitors or goggles

Donald Trump Has Been Asked To Remember The Drones

I’m not sure if President Trump owns a drone or not, but it’s safe to say that if he does own one it’s packing some serious heat. Jokes aside, the President has recently invited a number of key players from the drone industry at the

TITANXLE Italdron Drone Is Ready For Inspection

TITANXLE is a new effort from the Italian team at Italdron, who are trying to show off performance and technology into one useful package. The multi-purpose drone was designed and built in Italy and was meant to handle inspections and survey imaging; it is the

The Interceptor Will Take You Down

Everyone’s excited about purchasing the next best thing – a cool drone, the latest and most advanced out there. Let’s stay clear from the topic of purchase costs and such trivial details, and consider the fact that your investment might soon be in great peril.

Holy Stone HS170 Is A Tiny Predator

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini is one of those starter toys you hear so much about – no FAA registration required. This dedicated flying machine has no camera to talk about which is why it costs $40. Also worth mentioning is that, for that

Smart Jacket Will Put Both Pilot And Drone On The Move

Is it a fair assumption that drone pilots usually love having fun without putting some muscles into it? Looking like a drunk superhero, the guy in the picture about is testing out a jacket that allows him to fly a drone around a virtual university campus

Here’s A Closer Look At The Eachine E55

The Eachine E55 is a $50 toy, foldable and fun, one t hat should be on anyone’s gift list. This is a winner, right from the start, since we’re not dealing with merely a miniaturized copy.  The E55 shows off a unique foldable design accompanied with

NVIDIA Makes Drones Go Wild

Drone flying without GPS, ‘blind’, sounds scar,y dangerous and so 1990s. However, a drone developed by NVIDIA researchers makes its way through unmapped locations using only deep learning and computer vision powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1 embedded AI supercomputers. Everyone, stand back: the Terminators are coming! Although initially