Buying Instagram impressions has become essential. The online video sharing platform is a REAL social network in the same way as Twitter, Facebook or Youtube. In other words, getting started on Instagram is not as simple as you might think. Getting Instagram impressions is complicated, it’s not enough to post a few videos or photos to gain notoriety and become famous.

When you start on this social network the most difficult is to reach your first impressions. Indeed if you are not known to people. How do you want us to discover your page? If you do not boost your insta account it will be difficult to get impressions.

It will take patience and a lot of work to get your first Instagram impressions.

What is the purpose of buying Instagram impressions?

The purchase of impressions which will allow you a rapid increase in your number of subscribers on Insta, However, the more subscribers you have, the more notoriety you will have towards insta’s algorithm.

Indeed thanks to the interactions triggered with your profiles (likes, impressions, comments, views), you will get a golden place at the top of the Instagram search results. This improvement in positioning will allow you to reach new Instagramers.

Why buy Instagram subscribers?

At first, the main objective of buying impressions is to optimize your SEO on the Instagram search engine. This will allow you to generate significant traffic on your page. Insta puts forward the famous and famous people. What better indication of your notoriety than your number of impressions?

In a second step, the better you will be referenced on this social network, the more customers you will reach. Since your posts will be seen more by a larger community so they will be better positioned, a gain of likes on your posts should be observed on your photos.

In addition, for the majority of Instagram impressions, a significant numbers of impressions on Instagramis a guarantee of quality. This reaction is completely natural. Indeed, the opinion of the majority often prevails over our personal reflection. Which page would you like to discover between one with 20 follows and another with 1000 follows?

This also applies to publications, whether photos or videos. If a photo is liked, commented, shared, it is necessarily interesting and of quality.

Their thinking about impressions will be more or less the same the more you have and the more instagramers will say that you are THE person or the influencer to follow.

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How To Grow Instagram Audience Strategy

Every day, more than 300 million users share videos, photos or stories on Instagram. This social network is full of opportunities for brands who want to increase their reputation, build community loyalty and share their values.

In the interests of visibility, traffic and audience expansion, your content marketing strategy must be deployed in different media: your website, your blog and your social networks.

In this article we will focus on Instagram.

Whether you’re an e-commerce company or not, Instagram can bring you great visibility, and why not conversions, Indeed, 80% of users follow at least one brand, so why not yours? Another interesting statistic: 75% of users act (such as visiting a website).

Now that we’ve convinced you to use Instagram (at least hopefully), here are some tips to carry out your marketing audience strategy.

But before these objectives can be met, we must ensure that we recruit a strong and qualified audience. Coder offers you 8 tips to achieve this!

1. Create a Business Account

Instagram recently announced the provision of business tools for businesses. Instagram’s goal? Help brands better understand their followers and increase their sales.

Switching from a traditional profile to a business account gives you access to this data, but also allows you to include additional information about your business: phone number, email address, address of your business…

2. Set clear goals

Whichever marketing channel you choose to operate, it’s essential to set goals. When deciding to invest in Instagram, you need to be able to explain the goals you want to achieve to implement a suitable strategy to recruit a qualified audience.

In addition, pre-defining these goals helps you determine key performance indicators to measure your success. This regular evaluation is particularly useful for constantly optimizing its editorial line and increasing its performance.

Buy Instagram story views and buy highlighted ig story views to increase the number of views on your stories,The higher the number of views on your stories, the higher the reach and number of followers, and the higher the position on the News Feed. That’s why you need to buy Instagram story views and views of Instagram highlights. In addition to buying instagram story views, provides services to make your profile attractive to visitors.

3. Stay true to your chart

Your photos and videos must absolutely respect your company’s graphic charter. The goal is for people to immediately identify the brand when one of your posts appears in their News Feed.

Be sure to use the same font and colors to reassure Instagram users about the reliability of your account, to encourage them to follow you.

4. Caring for legends

By caring for your captions, you have the opportunity to improve your content. Many brands understand this and use it as a tool to share stories.

Others use it to engage people by asking questions, including riddles or asking to tag a friend.

The possibilities are many and infinite! It’s up to you to match posts with your goals, as long as your message stays correlated with your brand.

On the other hand, avoid writing a novel, that’s not the point of Instagram. About thirty words is more than enough.

5. Post regularly and in a relevant way

You need to keep your editorial schedule consistent. This allows you to optimize the visibility of your posts and, by extension, the engagement of your readers. The frequency of your publications should be regular, with unmissable appointments!

According to a study by Union Metrics, most brands post content every day on Instagram. A frequency that we think is very relevant.

6. Respond to comments

To build a strong community on Instagram, you need to respond to comments. If someone takes the time to share their opinion with you, it is important to prove that you are listening.

This practice is also a great way to encourage positive word of mouth. In addition, it encourages Internet users to recommend you to their relationships.

7. Post Instagram content on Facebook

As you know, Facebook has bought Instagram. In addition, it is the social network with the most users. It makes it easy to share your Instagram posts to help you increase your visibility. A study conducted by Buzzsumo even reveals that photos posted on Facebook, via Instagram, receive more commitments than native ones!

So if the goal isn’t to fully duplicate your editorial line, post your most important Instagram photos or videos on Facebook as well. It’s a way to let fans of your page know that you’re also on Instagram to recruit a more audience.

8. Use trendy hashtags

Hashtags are particularly used on Instagram. They help users find relevant content that meets their needs. So don’t hesitate to add these keywords to your posts to regularly recruit subscribers.

Especially since a report by the agency Track Maven points out that publications that contain more than 11 trend hashtags manage to get more commitments. To find relevant phrases, use tools like, Hashtagify or Hashtracking.

Each social network is different: by its audience, its way of working, the formats of publication, etc. So you can’t duplicate your content strategy used on Twitter on Instagram, it won’t work.

To begin with, identify your target audience. Instagram users are quite young, under 35 years old. Learn more about your people to know exactly what they know, where they are located, what you like, etc.

9. Focus on your followers

Precisely, your community and your followers, it is on them that you must focus. Obviously, you have to understand their expectations, as we mentioned in the first point of this article.

But above all, you have to give them a reason to follow you:

  • Fuel their creativity by encouraging your followers to generate content based on your products or messages you want to spread
  • Create contests and encourage your community to share your posts
  • Book specific discounts for your followers by implementing a unique promo code
  • Show them how your products can help them or be useful to them

 10. Add interactivity

In content marketing, there are three types of content: static, dynamic and interactive content. It’s thanks to the latter that you can stand out on Instagram.

Interactivity is especially possible in stories thanks to the use of stickers. Coder Mag has also published an article on this subject highlighting those you can use to engage your community.

But remember that it is possible to:

  • Create a countdown (especially useful before an event or product launch, for example)
  • Add an Emoji cursor to assess how your community feels
  • Allow users to ask you questions you’ll answer later
  • Allow users to select music they can listen to in the background of your post

Then determine your goals by taking into account the features of Instagram. For example, if you want to generate leads, remember that it is not possible to add clickable links to your posts. You are only allowed one link in your bio.