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Zenmuse X7 Is DJI’s 6K Movie Maker

I guess Hollywood directors have some serious competition nowadays, which might explain for some of the outrageous and possibly lame CGI recent movies brag about. However, our focus today will not be on blockbusters, but on cool drones and the sharp videos they can deliver.

Rockee Is Ready For Battle

Who says you can’t relive Top Gun in your own backyard? I mean, if Tom Cruise is willing to have another go at his age, why wouldn’t we? Rockee, a new Indiegogo project considered as a DIY marvel, is a tiny and enjoyable drone controlled via a smartphone

Red Bull Moves In For The Win

Drone racing, a fresh new sport that has got the new generation going out of the house willingly. We all know that these youngsters are all about digital environments, social networks and sometimes odd hobbies, but these cool flying machines seem to satisfy their need

DROCON Bugs 6 Will Get You Into Racing

Looking just like the name suggests, this drone aims to please and provide you with some excitement. Drocon’s Bugs 6 quadcopter was designed to be an intermediate step for those who want to evolve from flying their toys through the weekend to flying drones at professional racing

DelivAir Sounds Evil But Looks Dreamy

The team behind research company Cambridge Consultants has been thinking about new ways to deliver you the next order – be it the new iPhone, Pixel 2 device, or anything else. The DelivAir drone is a delivery concept that will find you, follow you around and make

The Passenger Drone Is Waiting On You

It’s all about fun times, the joy of ignoring traffic jams and vertical landings with this one. The Passenger Drone is a wild project, one that seems to ignore the fact that battery energy is an expensive commodity – for now. Long-distance flights courtesy of electric-powered

The GoPro Hero6 Camera And The Karma Drone Get Together

Are we expected to feel lucky or happy about that? I’m guessing so, and this is more than just gossip. GoPro’s Karma drone took the world by storm, although some pilots expected even more from the impressive flying machine.  However, GoPro unveiled its new Hero6

Fathom One Takes You On A Jules Verne Adventure

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Fathom One is a submersible drone that was designed to make amateur photos beneath the waves. Featuring a modular construction and an HD camera, this thing will make any adventurer’s day. Jules Verne would laugh in its