Hycopter Leaves Battery Issues Behind

There’s a company in A Singapore that has designed a quadcopter that needs no batteries to take flight. This concept stores pressurized hydrogen in its frame, which might actually increase drone autonomy and reduce overall costs – fun times ahead, am I right? The Hycopter

Black Friday 2017 Drone Sale

Best Black Friday Drone Deals 2017

Yes, it’s that magical time of the year – and we’re not talking about Christmas. The years have passed and we don’t see people taking each other down after waiting in line for hours on end before getting their hands on that very desirable toilet

The TYRC TY6 Is A Pliable HD Artist

What do we have here? Well, the TYRC TY6 enters the pliable drone market with that its manufacturers consider are some impressive facts.  For instance, a barometric air-pressure sensor allows this flying machine to autonomously maintain its flight altitude, something that beginners will most likely appreciate. It

Uber Elevate Should Arrive By 2020

Or, should we say ‘land’? Uber’s “flying car” project, dubbed Elevate, grabbed everyone’s ear these days. It seems that the company is seriously taking this concept into consideration, as they consider where it will first appear, who will be working on it, and how this

The RealFlight 8 Will Get You Flying

.. from your very own chair, that is. Hobbico‘s new virtual reality flight simulator might be the perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast that doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.  Dubbed the RealFlight 8, an upgraded version of the RF7.5, this

DJI Drops FlightHub Software & Updated Wind Drones

Chinese startup DJI is leading the market for consumer and commercial drones, so it should come as no surprise that it unveiled its first web app, FlightHub. The app allows an operator to manage a fleet of 10 or more drones at once, which might

PackDrone Is Out To Get You

In a good way. This odd-looking flying machine you see here was inspired by the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and was designed by a doctoral assistant. Dubbed the PackDrone, this device is way safer than it looks; it was meant to be used in

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo Takes You On A Wild Ride

According to ImmersionRC claims, whale-spit can do this drone no harm; I, on the other hand, think that’s disturbing and unuseful information. Nonetheless, this was enough for me to get interested in the ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo drone. Let’s find out more about it, together. First

The Pacific USA Drone Fly Spots

Best Places to Fly Drones in America

We are all looking for that perfect spot to fly our drone, and putting up lists with the best places to fly in America would be an easy thing to do – for us, and for you as well. But, that sounds boring; I mean,