The Freefly Pilot Offers A New And Interesting Perspective On Flying

Designed to work seamlessly with more than one cameras of the RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Black Magic, and Phantom families, the Freefly Pilot is the latest contraption meant to offer greater control over what’s being shot. Pricing information is not available right now, but what’s more interesting to find out is this:

The Kid In You Will Love The LTXtreme Shooter

Forget all about ‘cops and robbers’ and such childish games, although they remain as fun as they were about 20 years ago. The LTXtreme Shooter cranks things up a notch by blending our two favorite universes: flying machines and shooter games. The Shooter Drone is

DJI & 3D Robotics Join Forces For Professional Tools

Most people don’t realize it, mesmerized by photography and video capabilities of their cool flying machines, but drones remain primarily commercial tools. With that in mind, understanding 3DR decision to join forces with DJI for the Enterprise Drone Platform becomes much easier. The Enterprise Drone Platform will be integrated

The Gobe Drone Teases Amateur Pilots

Gobe Robotics has failed to deliver its product to backers of its campaign, which might get some people annoyed. The Gobe drone was meant to make amateurs happy as an easy way to familiarize themselves with unmanned aerial vehicles. Compact, lightweight, and designed with easy

Yuneec Typhoon H Owners Should Look This Way For Accessories

The Typhoon H is an incredible piece of equipment, stylish and fully capable of making your day – any day. Powered by Intel’s coding power and engineering skills, the $1,499 flying machine promises 4K videos, 12-megapixel still shots and a 7″ Android-based controller. But could you

KaiDeng K130 ALPHA Is All About New Beginnings

The KaiDeng K130 ALPHA drone takes inspiration from nature, where every egg means a new beginning and adventure – as a recent parent, I can relate to that. The egg design might seem like a stupid idea when it comes to drones, but the compact size