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Affordable & Fun – The GTeng T905F FPV Racing Drone

The First Person View feature has gained in popularity in recent months, especially to those of you who love racing drones. You will probably remember that the 5.8GHz analog mode and its large bandwidth is essential for a real-time lossless experience. However, FPV monitors or goggles

The $24 Cheerson CX 10C Is The Smallest Camera Drone Ever

Size doesn’t matter, at least according to some women. Which is why I am inclined to get excited upon the meeting of this drone.  This tiny drone before you is the Cheerson CX 10C, a device revealed to be the World’s Smallest Camera Drone – feel

TITANXLE Italdron Drone Is Ready For Inspection

TITANXLE is a new effort from the Italian team at Italdron, who are trying to show off performance and technology into one useful package. The multi-purpose drone was designed and built in Italy and was meant to handle inspections and survey imaging; it is the

Holy Stone HS170 Is A Tiny Predator

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini is one of those starter toys you hear so much about – no FAA registration required. This dedicated flying machine has no camera to talk about which is why it costs $40. Also worth mentioning is that, for that

Here’s A Closer Look At The Eachine E55

The Eachine E55 is a $50 toy, foldable and fun, one t hat should be on anyone’s gift list. This is a winner, right from the start, since we’re not dealing with merely a miniaturized copy.  The E55 shows off a unique foldable design accompanied with

Image with HyDrone 1550 flying

Keep An Eye Out For The HyDrone 1550

I’m not sure if the HyDrone 1550 and its name are suggestive, but it is well worth mentioning that this drone is the world-first hydrogen-powered flying machine in the world. Designed and manufactured by MMC, this device makes use of hydrogen powered cell technology with the

Voliro Puts SpiderMan To Shame

Multicopter drones look amazing but have always been associated with difficult in handling. Nowadays, technology and innovatively written software can make anything happen, and the Voliro is the perfect example. This hexacopter is able to 360 degrees and fly in any orientation; it can fly sideways,

Have You Noticed The Helicute H818HW?

To be honest, I could have easily missed out on the Helicute H18HW, but the promises 13-minute flight time got my attention. Sure, it’s not all that impressive, but this quadcopter also features WiFi FPV, headless mode, one key return, flip mode and looks a

Lumenier QAV250 FPV Carbon Fiber Review

Dubbed the G10 QAV250 this quadcopter comes fully built, test flown and once you add your own receiver this thing will go mad. Featuring a strong 2.5D CNC-ed carbon fiber unibody main frame board, the Lumenier QAV250 may be small but it is fully functional. The 250mm