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Smart Jacket Will Put Both Pilot And Drone On The Move

Is it a fair assumption that drone pilots usually love having fun without putting some muscles into it? Looking like a drunk superhero, the guy in the picture about is testing out a jacket that allows him to fly a drone around a virtual university campus

DJI Spark Accessories Are A Must

The DJI Spark drone took the world by storm, and now that accessories have become available, you may find new and cool ways of improving your Spark drone. Your flying experience will alter, as these accessories might let you enjoy the drone for longer periods

The DJI Cendence & Tracktenna Have Been Announced

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, DJI has announced three major new products – we’ve already talked about the Ronin 2 – among which are the Cendence remote control and the Tracktenna signal booster. Following presentations on the impressive camera rig, DJI announced the drone-related devices designed to make high-end

DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles Have Finally Been Detailed

You were waiting for this bit of news, weren’t you? Yes, although we first saw the DJI Goggles during the Mavic launch event it is only yesterday that we receive the full package – of information and details, that is. The company has finally unveiled

The DJI Ronin 2 Is Aimed At Professionals

Yes, DJI is a name recognized as the world’s leader in creative camera technology. No one dares argue with that, not before today and certainly not after the introduction of Ronin 2. The three-axis camera stabilizer was redesigned to provide filmmakers with the freedom to capture any

Mavic Pro Controller Foldable

Things To Be Aware Of When The DJI Mavic Pro Controller Comes To Mind

Choose your device carefully The compact size of the Mavic Pro always takes people by surprise; it’s easy to set up until you try to connect your phone to the controller. You would expect a more streamlined approach, but it seems the experience varies on which phone you

The Incase Drone Pro Pack Is Perfect For Your Valuables

As we are drone and technology enthusiasts, this is obviously not about jewelry and shiny trinkets. Incase has unveiled a new collection of bags and cases designed specifically for carrying drones and drone accessories – yes, those valuables. The Drone Pro Pack is definitely worth your

EPSON Moverio BT-200

EPSON Drone Glasses May Be Distracting

After Google’s innovative glasses failed to deliver the excitement and features it was hoping to – at least, in my mind (but seems that they are not really “dead”) – drone glasses now make drone pilots daydream about virtual reality and other movie concepts that

5 Drone Trackers Worth Investing In

Drone and quadcopters have taken over the world, but as rich or passionate as you may be, even the most expensive drones will lose signal at one point or another. What do you do? Well, you either go adventuring into the woods and hope that

Litchi App Transforms DJI Drones

We all know the name of one of the most popular autonomously flying apps on the market. Litchi allows drones enthusiasts to enjoy their devices regardless of experience or device; for instance: did you know that the app sets waypoints and POI’s in Google Earth