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The Freefly Pilot Offers A New And Interesting Perspective On Flying

Designed to work seamlessly with more than one cameras of the RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Black Magic, and Phantom families, the Freefly Pilot is the latest contraption meant to offer greater control over what’s being shot. Pricing information is not available right now, but what’s more interesting to find out is this:

Yuneec Typhoon H Owners Should Look This Way For Accessories

The Typhoon H is an incredible piece of equipment, stylish and fully capable of making your day – any day. Powered by Intel’s coding power and engineering skills, the $1,499 flying machine promises 4K videos, 12-megapixel still shots and a 7″ Android-based controller. But could you

DJI Inspire 2 Series Filmmaking Accessories

The Inspire 2 drone costs USD $2,999 and promises high image quality, power, and intelligence that meet any professional filmmaker’s needs – considering the price tag, it should. Yet another exciting offering from DJI, one that supposedly stays up in the air about 25 minutes and

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Accessories For Weddings

Don’t go wasting time trying to understand this title; it is a cruel joke from one of my friends, mocking me as I celebrate 7 years of marriage. A dark nightmare for most, to be true, but I will stay away from such controversial topics

DJI Mavic Drone Top Useful Accessories

We’ve talked about the Mavic Pro before, and we will keep doing so until the next best thing comes out. The cool and hip drone comes with a gimbal camera, ready to shoot those perfect moments, 2 sets of propellers, an Intelligent Flight Battery ($89)

PolarPro Developed DJI Spark Accessories – Cases, Filters

PolarPro, a brand popular for designing products inspired by adventure, has announced that fresh cinematic lens filters and a purpose-built travel case have been developed in order to make DJI Spark pilots smile more. The gesture-controlled drone will now benefit from the industry’s most appreciated

vuzix headphones VR

Vuzix iWear Headphones Sounds Selfexplanatory

However, there’s more to this device than that. Officially considered as a wearable display for mobile entertainment, this example of advanced technology promises new levels of video and audio performance for those looking for a mobile solution. The CES Award Winning, Vuzix iWear is a

DJI Fans Should Consider Some Cool Mavic Pro & Spark Accessories

Accessories – Yay or Nay? DJI drone owners are probably feeling content right about now, but there are always new and cool ways to brighten your day, and these accessories were designed to do just that. Some slick new Mavic Pro accessories (one of which

Smart Jacket Will Put Both Pilot And Drone On The Move

Is it a fair assumption that drone pilots usually love having fun without putting some muscles into it? Looking like a drunk superhero, the guy in the picture about is testing out a jacket that allows him to fly a drone around a virtual university campus

DJI Spark Accessories Are A Must

The DJI Spark drone took the world by storm, and now that accessories have become available, you may find new and cool ways of improving your Spark drone. Your flying experience will alter, as these accessories might let you enjoy the drone for longer periods