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PolarPro’s Snap-on Filters Make For Some Cool Shots

If you live in California and love drones you will probably find out quite fast that the soaring images from the skies can sometimes be over-exposed – a.k.a. too bright. That’s what happens when you’re shooting with an in-the-air camera set for automatic exposure. PolarPro

The Tiny Eachine TX03 Camera Looks Like A Joke

But, it isn’t! The Eachine TX03 camera comes with built-in 70CH VTX and aims at getting everyone’s attention, basing its confidence on the success of the TX01 and TX02. The new micro VTX camera brags about adjustable output power, allowing users to switch the TX power between

The X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis Gimbal Aims At Making GoPro Users Even Happier

The X-CAM A10-3H 3-Axis Gimbal has quickly become known as the most affordable 3-axis brushless gimbal around – I meant to say ‘cheapest’, but that would only damage the product’s image and reputation. Considering this gadget only costs $60, I’m thinking it’s well worth of your

The DJI Zenmuse Z30 Will Get You Focused

The DJI Zenmuse Z30 is a powerful new drone camera, but before you get all excited please note you won’t get to enjoy it; the Zenmuse Z30 would most definitely not be to Sweden’s liking. Jokes aside, this camera was designed for industrial purposes and it boasts

AER Will Get Your GoPro Excited

AER is more of a toy than anything else, and it offers users the opportunity to throw their GoPro in the air, regardless if they’re mad or not. I mean, how often do you get the change of throwing things around and not break them? Meant to capture sweet aerial shots, this

DJI OSMO And The iPhone 7 PLUS Are A Perfect Match

The new iPhone 7 has got everyone talking, although small issues have already been shadowing the device. However, it makes for a perfect match with the DJI Osmo, and there are a few reasons that make that obvious. Intense sunlight could make shooting videos outside a struggle, but the iPhone 7

A Quick Thought On The RunCam HD

It’s getting difficult to find a camera that fits all drone models; the low weight and aerodynamics should be important factors, although a quadcotper camera should at least deliver full HD video resolution, good image quality, large field of view and long operation mode.  The manufacturer was considerate of this

The Feiyu Tech Summon Is An Impressive Package

The new FY Summon has got people talking, with interesting features such as a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera bragging about a 16 megapixel graph sensor, 4k video recording at 25 fps and a 2″ HD display; have I mentioned the 95 degree distortion corrected lens? And of course, the $399 price-tag

DJI & Hasselblad Team Up For A Medium-Format Camera Drone

DJI teamed up with the Hasselblad Group, something that was somehow expected; I mean, what more could you dream of than a blessed blend of top-of-the-line aerial optics with the ultimate aerial platform? The resulting fully integrated high-end aerial camera-platform combo combines Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera A5D and the DJI M600. If the

DJI Osmo Is Yours If You Want It

The DJI Osmo is a handheld gimbal that promises unbelievable smooth drone footage to the ground, and it’s now up for grabs. The company has decided to sell the Osmo for $559 (check today’s price), with DJI surprising everyone with this interesting product. This thing isn’t meant for drones at all, and was