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Top 6 Kids’ Drones

Today’s kids are well away from sand castles, reading children’s stories or coloring books. Kids are fascinated with technology, particularly drones, which is why it might be a good idea to research a bit and find out what the next birthday present should be. One

Top 5 Inspection Drones

Drones are usually considered as entertaining tools, a great source of fun; however, people always find new ways to make use of anything around them. As such,  some have considered using drones for roof inspections – a micro niche on the drones market, although professionals are

Fun Times Ahead with Small Investment

What do you need to have fun, aside from loads of free time?As kids, we really had fun out of anything and with no costs whatsoever. We laughed, we imagined characters and went crazy creating our very own universe – that, somehow, has become a

Pocket Drone: Selfie Time

It’s all gone mad, hasn’t it? People taking pics of themselves, wherever they go. That would have been unheard of a while back – bear in mind I was born in 1984, so some of these ‘millennial’ craze might not stick with me. Nonetheless, people

GoPro Is The Way To Go

GoPro, Inc., or GoPro, is an American technology company known for eponymous action cameras, as well as for developing its own mobile apps and video-editing software. The company went on to design a quadcopter drone, Karma, just give us some more thrills than before. The brand

Things That Make You Go Parrot in 2017

There was a time when Parrot was a laughed at brand; however, things have changed. The French company remains unfazed by the large industry and still delivers fun, accessible products. Looking towards the future, Parrot has been considering adding high-end features onto a drone. Considering that

2016 Cool DJI Releases

This has been quite an exciting year for DJI and drone enthusiasts everywhere. Obviously, their releases do not cover the entire creative and work efforts the company puts in for us to enjoy their products, which is why we decided to focus on the brand