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Taking The Part 107 Test The Smart Way

If you’re looking to use your drone for commercial work, you’re going to need a Part 107 certificate. It may sound difficult, but there are loads of resources on the Internet that should help you take flight, so to speak – a simple Google search

These Are The 5 Drones Soaring Through The Skies In 2017

Taking flight looks exciting, but it is only a tease if the fun stops quickly. Enthusiasts love drones with longest flight times and appreciate people letting them know which ones to buy – yes, this is me, coming to the rescue. Once you scroll below,

Which is the best professional filmmaking drone? Aerigon MK II

True story, and this amazing drone could easily shoot it. Swedish drone developer Intuitive Aerial designed the Aerigon Mk II, and it is an incredibly powerful tool. Packing some unique features, such as a 2.0 image stabilization technology for full size pro cinema cameras, this

Cinema Flight Will Get That House Sold

That house, your house, any house for that matter. There are some amazing properties on the market these days, luxurious, expensive and quite spacious. Simple pics just don’t cut it anymore, as they are no longer capable of revealing the grandeur of the property you

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Compared To The Pro

DJI has revealed the Phantom 4 Advanced and Advanced+, the brand’s latest additions to their hugely popular quadcopter series. According to the available information, there are some differences between the fresh designs and the Phantom 4 Pro – or, there should be. So, what should we expect?

Racing Drone Summer 2017

What Is Drone Racing’s Goal This Summer?

If you’ve been following the rise of drone racing, particularly the Drone Racing League, you were probably excited to see that the budding sport was broadcast on ESPN last year. It was the first time that competitive drone racing was shown on major television. It

Boredom Might Get You To Sell Your Drone

It’s human nature to get bored of something or someone – but that’s a different discussion. With the drone market being as volatile and dynamic as it is, developers release a new device every week, making pilots get excited and interested in letting go of

How Do You Choose the Best Racing Drone?

You ask, we answer. Sure, you might be curious about other things as well, which is why I invite you to contact us in the comment section below. In the meantime, the question still stands: How Do You Choose The Best Racing Drone? Well, let’s start

Free Drone Simulators Are Out There

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve finally purchased your first drone, and you’re excited; but, before you do anything else, it’s best to be sure of what you are doing. You wouldn’t want your new device to get smashed in the first 20 seconds after unboxing