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Donald Trump Has Been Asked To Remember The Drones

I’m not sure if President Trump owns a drone or not, but it’s safe to say that if he does own one it’s packing some serious heat. Jokes aside, the President has recently invited a number of key players from the drone industry at the

The Interceptor Will Take You Down

Everyone’s excited about purchasing the next best thing – a cool drone, the latest and most advanced out there. Let’s stay clear from the topic of purchase costs and such trivial details, and consider the fact that your investment might soon be in great peril.

NVIDIA Makes Drones Go Wild

Drone flying without GPS, ‘blind’, sounds scar,y dangerous and so 1990s. However, a drone developed by NVIDIA researchers makes its way through unmapped locations using only deep learning and computer vision powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1 embedded AI supercomputers. Everyone, stand back: the Terminators are coming! Although initially

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Answer to Time-In-The-Air Restrictions?

A growing number of people these days are exploring ways to break current limitations on Time-in-the-air (TITA) for electric UAVs. There are now three alternatives to extend the amount of time that electric drones can remain in the air performing their mission: tethered devices, solar

iRobotics Are Optimistic About Their Drone

A Japanese start-up has accepted an epic challenge, specifically a drone race from Tokyo to San Francisco. Would you believe that? You’d better since this is about to become reality. Requiring AI, flight-control software, sensors and some serious battery packages, this drone will surely change

Drobotron Will Let The World Know

There are plenty of ways of letting the world know how you feel – we’ve all seen those cheesy messages on large displays and kiss cams, and so on and so forth. However, the flying billboard that is the Drobotron is set to add some coolness

Surefly Is Carbon Fiber Madness At Work

Some of you might know that US-based transport company Workhorse is working together with the team at UPS to make drone delivery a reality – hence the Surefly personal helicopter. Workhorse has been using its expertise in battery-powered electric mobility to design and develop this incredible hybrid as a pilot-friendly

The Droneport Has Gone Further Than Anyone Before

Dreamin has no limits, am I right? Shopping has become one of modern society’s top activities, and those interested in making money has to keep in line with current trends. Have you heard of drone ports? This idea is supposed to replace defunct shopping malls,

The SKAT 640 4G TERRA Russian Drone Takes Over Everest

The SKAT 640 4G TERRA is a Russian-made UAV that took everyone by surprise by setting the world flight altitude record for light aircraft weighing less than 1 ton. This flying machine managed to fly over the highest mountain on Earth, reaching an altitude of