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Red Bull Moves In For The Win

Drone racing, a fresh new sport that has got the new generation going out of the house willingly. We all know that these youngsters are all about digital environments, social networks and sometimes odd hobbies, but these cool flying machines seem to satisfy their need

DelivAir Sounds Evil But Looks Dreamy

The team behind research company Cambridge Consultants has been thinking about new ways to deliver you the next order – be it the new iPhone, Pixel 2 device, or anything else. The DelivAir drone is a delivery concept that will find you, follow you around and make

The Passenger Drone Is Waiting On You

It’s all about fun times, the joy of ignoring traffic jams and vertical landings with this one. The Passenger Drone is a wild project, one that seems to ignore the fact that battery energy is an expensive commodity – for now. Long-distance flights courtesy of electric-powered

Matternet Autonomous Network Adds New Value To Anything Swiss

It’s usually about fine chocolates and clockwork craftsmanship once you cross the border into Switzerland – at least, that’s what TV advertising and Internet ads will suggest. Matternet has been using Switzerland as a testing ground for its delivery drone technology, and the company has now revealed plans

Aire Drone Takes A Tour Of Your Home

An ambitious Kickstarter project, the Aire drone actually flies; according to the team behind the project, this thing is a self-flying robotic assistant. Don’t go thinking the flying machine will wash your car, get you your coffee or possibly wear some skimpy outfits around town. However,

ORCA Artificial Intelligence Drone Takes On JARVIS

Surely, most would agree that Iron Man’s best friend was and is Jarvis – J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), is Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent home computing system. Programmed to speak with a male voice in a British accent, this creation is responsible for taking care

The Lilium Flying Taxi Is The German Approach To Modern Transportation

Lilium, a German start-up, went to work on developing a 5-passenger flying taxi that has just received $90 million worth of funding. One of the best-funded electric aircraft projects to date, the company imagined a new category of aircraft capable of vertical take-off and electric

The Naviator Rules The World

Underwater drones have made quite an impression this year, with more than one such impressive product reaching the market and your neighbor’s pool. But none of those drones can fly – that sounds odd, right? It does, but a flying machine that could dive for your keys

The 2017 Lily Drone Is On The Market

Some might remember some reports letting us know back in February 2017 that the company responsible for the Lily Drone filed for bankruptcy and planned to give refunds to the customers who pre-ordered their product. Sad news, for more reasons than one. The startup company’s failed