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DJI & 3D Robotics Join Forces For Professional Tools

Most people don’t realize it, mesmerized by photography and video capabilities of their cool flying machines, but drones remain primarily commercial tools. With that in mind, understanding 3DR decision to join forces with DJI for the Enterprise Drone Platform becomes much easier. The Enterprise Drone Platform will be integrated

The Gobe Drone Teases Amateur Pilots

Gobe Robotics has failed to deliver its product to backers of its campaign, which might get some people annoyed. The Gobe drone was meant to make amateurs happy as an easy way to familiarize themselves with unmanned aerial vehicles. Compact, lightweight, and designed with easy

The NEO Drone Presents The 7th Season Of Games of Thrones

So, let’s start off the week with most of you might consider a sacrilege or at least an outrageous level of ignorance: I have not watched one episode of Game of Thrones yet, and I’m not planning on doing so in the near future. However,

How to get Refund from FAA Drone Registration

The drone registration saga has kept drone enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, while typing on forums, expressing their dissatisfaction. US-based pilots may remember that a Federal Appeals Court struck down the FAA’s drone registration requirement, which mandated hobbyists pay $5 and submit their personal information into a

Racing Drone – Racer3 Sets Guinness World Record

Speed is of the essence – we all know that, especially in this lifetime. And when a 1.76-pounds drone is able to fly passed a Tesla vehicle traveling at top speed thanks to its Ludicrous feature, it’s time to feel impressed. Tesla Ludicrous feature Fastest

Dronestagram International Drone Photography 2017 – The Winners List

Dronestagram is a fresh social network meant to allow drone pilots to share their favorite aerial shots  – thank you, Captain Obvious. Nonetheless, said social network has announced the winners of its annual International Drone Photography contest. I was not aware of it and if

Facebook’s Aquila Successfully Completes Its Second Test Flight

Facebook’s plan to use large solar-powered high-altitude drones to connect areas of the world is known to all by now. Some say that seems a bit naive not to mention pointless, considering that those particular parts of the world might have other pressing issues on

$150 An Hour Could Get Students Interested In Drones

  Does that sound like enough money? You do the math! While you do that, allow me to remind you that the drone industry is expected to have an economic impact of $82 billion across the United States by 2025. With that in mind, it seems that

Canada Becomes Drone-Friendly

Well, sort of. Back in March, Canada released a new set of rules for recreational drone users, which would have prevented drones from flying higher than 90 meters once the sun went down, within 75 meters of buildings, vehicles or people and within 9 kilometers

Oscar Mayer’s WeinerDrone Gets Me Hungry

Oscar Mayer is expanding its Weinermobile fleet, and the picture above should easily make you smile and feel impressed. Original and cool in every way, the fleet comes complemented by a flying drone that is supposed to drop a single hot dog on someone – right around lunchtime