TobyRich Moskito – Remote Controlled Drone for iOS & Android with Joystick

TobyRich Moskito

So, tell me? What can you buy for $49? Some food, movie tickets, I don’t know; small stuff. But fun times and good memories are priceless. As such, the TobyRich Moskito should definitely be on your shopping list – and not for the reasons you might think.

People are nowadays looking for that sophisticated and technologically-advanced drone that everyone else is drooling over, but sometimes simple things are way more enjoyable.

The TobyRich Moskito was designed for beginners who want to have fun the second the box is opened. Currently on sale, the $49.99 drone comes with a dedicated app working along the included joystick to deliver a natural experience – although tilting your device may also result in the control of the flying machine.

The Moskito features a crash-resistant design, will only take 20 minutes to charge and will fly as much as 12 minutes at a time.Please note the spare propeller, which should keep your flying times carefree.

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Moskito drone

So, what do we have here? It’s affordable, easy to fly and will not ruin anyone’s day if it happens to stumble upon a deep lake or stone wall. This is the perfect drone to start off a potentially expensive hobby and enjoy your free time without worries before investing in professional equipment. Perfect!

TobyRich Moskito

TobyRich Moskito

Beginners usability


    PRO usability


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