The GDU Byrd Advanced Moves In

GDU is the new name of ProDrone, which unveiled the Byrd at the last CES; you might remember we talked about it earlier. However, there is news from the company, as they’ve just introduced the Byrd Advanced. Already? Moving in and moving fast, the Byrd

Matternet Autonomous Network Adds New Value To Anything Swiss

It’s usually about fine chocolates and clockwork craftsmanship once you cross the border into Switzerland – at least, that’s what TV advertising and Internet ads will suggest. Matternet has been using Switzerland as a testing ground for its delivery drone technology, and the company has now revealed plans

The Moment Drone Will Capter Each & Every One

Cars will rust, girls will come and go but memories last forever. The Moment Drone is supposed to be the best foldable 4K aerial camera out there, thanks to features like auto-tracking and image stabilization. You’ll have your own personal videographer, if that’s what you’re into,

Aire Drone Takes A Tour Of Your Home

An ambitious Kickstarter project, the Aire drone actually flies; according to the team behind the project, this thing is a self-flying robotic assistant. Don’t go thinking the flying machine will wash your car, get you your coffee or possibly wear some skimpy outfits around town. However,

The Atlas Dynamics NEST Will Charge You Right Up

Atlas Dynamics are known for developing drones for a living particularly for businesses active in agriculture, security, inspection, and emergencies. Earlier this month, the company revealed a new concept. The Atlas NEST aims to provide dying Atlas Pro drones with the power they need to

The Parrot Bebop 2 Power Sounds Impressive

Drone manufacturers at Parrot have released an upgraded version of its Bebop 2 drone, a reputable flying machine to be sure. The Bebop 2 Power brags about significant software and hardware improvements, but the main attraction is the powerful batteries. The Parrot Bebop 2 Power claims to have

Detrum TOMBEE 250 Drone Is Out For Some Fun

Do you want the short story or the long version of it?  Well, put it shortly the Detrum TOMBEE 250 can be defined like this: 5.8G 800TVL HD, a 4 mm 12K Carbon Fiber Plate and 2806 2400KV brushless motor. TOMBEE 250 Drone Specifications The

The Halo Drone Aims To Take Everyone Else Down

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and almost as many drones flying above us. The Halo Drone very well could be the best drone on the market, or at least it wants to be; it was designed to offer pilots the best flying experience

ORCA Artificial Intelligence Drone Takes On JARVIS

Surely, most would agree that Iron Man’s best friend was and is Jarvis – J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System), is Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent home computing system. Programmed to speak with a male voice in a British accent, this creation is responsible for taking care

Evolve by XDynamics Makes Use Of Carbon Fiber

CES 2017 saw UAV company Xdynamics show off a drone with a carbon fiber monocoque body. Evolve by XDynamics didn’t really stand out of the crowd thanks to an outrageous booth, but the drone set to fly this October boasts a heavy duty body and also brags about the world’s