Image with HyDrone 1550 flying

Keep An Eye Out For The HyDrone 1550

I’m not sure if the HyDrone 1550 and its name are suggestive, but it is well worth mentioning that this drone is the world-first hydrogen-powered flying machine in the world. Designed and manufactured by MMC, this device makes use of hydrogen powered cell technology with the

DJI Spark Accessories Are A Must

The DJI Spark drone took the world by storm, and now that accessories have become available, you may find new and cool ways of improving your Spark drone. Your flying experience will alter, as these accessories might let you enjoy the drone for longer periods

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Answer to Time-In-The-Air Restrictions?

A growing number of people these days are exploring ways to break current limitations on Time-in-the-air (TITA) for electric UAVs. There are now three alternatives to extend the amount of time that electric drones can remain in the air performing their mission: tethered devices, solar

Voliro Puts SpiderMan To Shame

Multicopter drones look amazing but have always been associated with difficult in handling. Nowadays, technology and innovatively written software can make anything happen, and the Voliro is the perfect example. This hexacopter is able to 360 degrees and fly in any orientation; it can fly sideways,

Have You Noticed The Helicute H818HW?

To be honest, I could have easily missed out on the Helicute H18HW, but the promises 13-minute flight time got my attention. Sure, it’s not all that impressive, but this quadcopter also features WiFi FPV, headless mode, one key return, flip mode and looks a

iRobotics Are Optimistic About Their Drone

A Japanese start-up has accepted an epic challenge, specifically a drone race from Tokyo to San Francisco. Would you believe that? You’d better since this is about to become reality. Requiring AI, flight-control software, sensors and some serious battery packages, this drone will surely change

Lumenier QAV250 FPV Carbon Fiber Review

Dubbed the G10 QAV250 this quadcopter comes fully built, test flown and once you add your own receiver this thing will go mad. Featuring a strong 2.5D CNC-ed carbon fiber unibody main frame board, the Lumenier QAV250 may be small but it is fully functional. The 250mm

Drobotron Will Let The World Know

There are plenty of ways of letting the world know how you feel – we’ve all seen those cheesy messages on large displays and kiss cams, and so on and so forth. However, the flying billboard that is the Drobotron is set to add some coolness

Surefly Is Carbon Fiber Madness At Work

Some of you might know that US-based transport company Workhorse is working together with the team at UPS to make drone delivery a reality – hence the Surefly personal helicopter. Workhorse has been using its expertise in battery-powered electric mobility to design and develop this incredible hybrid as a pilot-friendly