DJI Inspire 2 Series Filmmaking Accessories

The Inspire 2 drone costs USD $2,999 and promises high image quality, power, and intelligence that meet any professional filmmaker’s needs – considering the price tag, it should. Yet another exciting offering from DJI, one that supposedly stays up in the air about 25 minutes and

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Accessories For Weddings

Don’t go wasting time trying to understand this title; it is a cruel joke from one of my friends, mocking me as I celebrate 7 years of marriage. A dark nightmare for most, to be true, but I will stay away from such controversial topics

How to get Refund from FAA Drone Registration

The drone registration saga has kept drone enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, while typing on forums, expressing their dissatisfaction. US-based pilots may remember that a Federal Appeals Court struck down the FAA’s drone registration requirement, which mandated hobbyists pay $5 and submit their personal information into a

DJI Mavic Drone Top Useful Accessories

We’ve talked about the Mavic Pro before, and we will keep doing so until the next best thing comes out. The cool and hip drone comes with a gimbal camera, ready to shoot those perfect moments, 2 sets of propellers, an Intelligent Flight Battery ($89)

Coolmade FY603 Quadcopter Gets Ready For Action

I’m not sure what you’re thinking about, but I have the strange feeling this drone wants to roll over and have you scratch its belly. Although looking a bit odd, the Coolmade FY603 Mini Quadcopter brags about Wifi FPV, altitude hold, multiple speed modes and that obviously

A Closer Look At The DJI GS PRO

The Ground Station Pro, as some might call it, is an iPad app designed to control and plan automatic flights for a DJI flying machine. The DJI GS PRO boasts a user-friendly and minimalist interface that does not distract the pilot from the mission at hand.

DHD D5 Is A Mini Drone With A Mini Price

It’s getting tougher to get info about freshly released drones, which is a paradox considering that nowadays there is one introduced every second – not really, but you get the point. The DHD D5, for instance, was inspired by the success of the JJRC’s Elfie

TRNDLabs FADER Drone Might Just Be Related To Darth

Is it? Nope. Should it be? I’m guessing ‘yes’ since this dark yet tiny flying machine is ready to conquer the galaxy. Set to cost as much as €129.00, FADER is a cool quadcopter that comes ready to fly out of the box and features advanced

MOLA TOURIST 1 Will Avoid Any Obstacle

Deluxe division Mola has introduced their first ever flying machine, packed the obstacle avoidance system coming in as the main focus of this device. Bragging about foldable arms, thus allowing ease of transportation, the MOLA TOURIST 1 drone supports 1080p @60fps recordings and 720p real-time transmission capabilities –