DJI Focus Provides You With Fine Camera Control

Drone hobbyists will probably not care about this, but professional cinematographers will appreciate this technology, that might give their work a much appreciated touch. The DJI Focus is a control system, which allows remote adjustment of aperture and focus, allowing users to get those stunning aerial shots. Most of us are having

Drone Volt’s Janus 360 Creates Its Own Reality

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that has created quite a stir among professionals and enthusiasts, alike. Although it has dramatically improved in the last few years. people are not sure just yet where is this heading and what are its main advantages, but the

Swellpro Splash Drone PRO Version

What Are The 5 Best Waterproof Drones?

I’m sure you’re all curious to know which are the best waterproof drones, since weather and accidents are your fun-time’s main enemies. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been enjoying drones, considering a waterproof drone might be a good idea. Below

Drone Racing Will Get Your Blood Pumping

We all noticed the growing potential of drone racing and its place in the future sports industry, and with each passing day the words only seem to get us closer to reality. It’s not too often that an entirely new sport gets us all excited at the same

KIMON Will Take Care Of You

Don’t go thinking kinky stuff now, we’re not that kind of a website; we were just trying to tell you that KIMON is an impressive selfie drone crowdfunding project, developed by Key share Information Technology, a company based in Hunan province in South Central China.

EHang184 Is The Autonomous Way Of Flying Away

Is this a joke? Well, not really, since the EHang184 can carry one passenger towards the skies – at least for 23 minutes. Sure, the battery autonomy is a bit of a laugh, but Chinese drone manufacturer EHang unveiled the EHang 184 and it’s the

Skye Is The Flying Billboard You Weren’t Hoping For

Not to be rude or anything, but I for one hadn’t thought of that; I’m sick of advertising and billboards as it is, I don’t need a mobile one, following me around. Regardless, a Swiss company is tackling one of the key challenges to drone-based advertising with their unmanned aerial

DJI’s Snotbot Is Doing Some Important Research

The concept of a “Snotbot” is one use I wouldn’t have imagined for a drone, but people are inventive and resourceful; NOAA’s Wayne Perryman started using drones to collect whale snot back in August of 2013 – for scientific purposes, of course. It’s been years

LiPo Batteries – Which Is Best?

It’s all about flight time with drones; sure, some toys are cooler or more expensive than others, but regardless of your choice, the longer that thing stays up in the air, the better. As such, it’s important to know what to consider when choosing the

Taking Photos With The DJI Drone

There’s more than one way to boil an egg, and the same goes with having fun and making use of your drone. It always pays to do your homework and improve your skills, no matter the field; as such, we thought it would be a good