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You Need Volt For Your Electric Car

Well, you do. You have to admit that this is not surprising, for electric cars to finally join hands with our battery-powered toys and help each other out – and, in turn, make our day that much better for it. The electric car is moving

The World Is Serviced By Revolve

Designed by Andrea Mocellin to be the first modular wheel, Revolve is truly a unique design, one that has nothing to do with drones – so what? – but has managed to get our attention. The modular design will get you interested, for sure, but

TBS Vendetta – The Supreme Racing Drone

We’ve mentioned this racer before, but this is a new day and a new reason to get it into focus. The TBS Vendetta is an FPV drone part of a fast-growing sport, a unique design featuring a uniquely molded carbon-fiber concept. A 4-axis CNC machine

How About A Drone Under $200?

You don’t have to make due with just one; feel free to buy any or all of these drones, as each one will most likely put a smile on your face. If you feel like you’re a good boy or girl and don’t need anyone’s

What Should The Easter Bunny Be Shopping For?

Well? That’s quite a difficult question to answer, although drone enthusiasts will quickly find uses for the Bunny’s cash and fast routes to their homes. So, where do we start off? DJI Mavic Air ($799) Well, there is no going around this drone. We have

UVify OOri Takes Off

OOri Takes Off, at least in our eyes – now, that we’ve stumbled upon it online. This $389 drone is being advertised as the World’s first smart racing drone – easy to control, fun to fly, and fast. Packing performance-oriented brushless UVify motors coupled with

Biggest News Of The Year So Far – Part 1

We are trying to keep up with the research and development of flying machines, and there is always a cool drone right around the corner – so to speak. There is still a lot to come this year, with people expecting DJI to come up

The World’s Fastest Deliveries Are Here Thanks To Zipline

The California-based startup has a new machine taking the world by storm, and it’s the perfect time to do so; the US is about to loosen rules governing drone operations, remember? Some may remember that Zipline created a national drone delivery system a while back,

Who Knows Where Your iPhone Comes From?

If you’re looking for an answer to that question, the recent news might shed some light on the subject. We all know that smugglers are quite innovative, using all of the means at their disposal to avoid laws; they all get caught eventually, but the