Buying a drone

FiFish underwater drone is set for the depths

It’s too cold from where I’m typing, but I guess if the weather permits it, it might be a cool idea to chill out while swimming alongside an underwater drone. Nowadays, there are more such drones on the market than most of us realize –

FuriBee Stormer Will Get You Buzzing

There’s plenty to get us excited around the Holidays, and this flying machine might just be one of them. The FuriBee Stormer has been equipped with versatile F4 PLUS Flight controller and promises the latest features any professional racing FPV quadcopter should brag about. The

Drone Footage Reveals Any Surfer’s Nightmare

You clearly love the picture above, and that’s OK; who wouldn’t want to tackle the forces of Nature, overpower them and enjoy the results? That’s what talented surfers do each and every day, and we love them for that. However, some days are better than

Japanese T-Friend Prevents You From Overworking

Did you know? Overwork is a serious issue in Japan, with recent news talking about an employee of a Japanese TV broadcaster who uffered a heart attack and died at her workplace – she was 31. As you try to understand what happene,d allow us to

DJI Updates The AeroScope Drone Tracking and Identification System

Yes, that’s true. The people over at DJI have updated the company’s AeroScope drone tracking and identification system. It is now set to include an optional self-identification feature for drone operators, meaning that pilots who choose to broadcast their info are invited to do so.

The Spectre Drone Will Put Fear Into Casper

Are you already out and about looking for that cool Christmas gift? You shouldn’t be; first of all, because shopping online should be a concept that everyone should be acquainted with by now. Second, we’ve got the ideal suggestion right here. Drones continue to be

Mercedes-Benz Will Get You Up There

Mercedes-Benz, manufacturer all of sorts of cool and appreciated vehicles, has decided to shift direction. The company has been testing drones and uses them to ship everyday items like ground coffee and cell phones. Strategically placed vans in Zurich were part of the strategy, and it

The Russians At ARDN Enter SKYF Onto The Cargo Market

I doubt most of you know about Russian technology firm ARDN and its existence, but it seems that it has some very big plans – as usual, everything is big with the Russians.. Jokes aside, it seems that the company has been working on a