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The Parrot Bluegrass Will Keep You Fed

Forget all about toys, for now, and let’s focus on more important things. Most drones available on the market are recreational, aimed at kids and adults alike, but it would seem that there are bigger things in store for these devices than putting a smile

You Need Volt For Your Electric Car

Well, you do. You have to admit that this is not surprising, for electric cars to finally join hands with our battery-powered toys and help each other out – and, in turn, make our day that much better for it. The electric car is moving

UVify OOri Takes Off

OOri Takes Off, at least in our eyes – now, that we’ve stumbled upon it online. This $389 drone is being advertised as the World’s first smart racing drone – easy to control, fun to fly, and fast. Packing performance-oriented brushless UVify motors coupled with

Fat Shark 101 Gets Unboxed

The Fat Shark 101 was designed by a company known for FPV headsets, with this training drone designed to have beginners enjoy the day while learning something new. The FPV scene welcomes the Fat Shark 101 kit, which includes a custom designed quadcopter ready to

I Doubt The $200 XINLIN SHIYE X198 Drone Knows Kung Fu

I’m not sure about you guys, but I was raised on old-school kung fu movies, You know, the kind with English overdubs and slow-motion and unsynced mouth movements, yet coll and impressive fighting skills. To this day I honor and praise Bruce Lee for his

Autel’s Very Own Evo Drone Makes Its Debut

Is that moment finally here? Will the DJI Mavic Pro have some serious competition? Well, it’s your job to decide; we, on the other hand, offer you some extra information. Autel Robotics, a company that specializes in the sale of drone and aerial photography devices, is back

The Attop XT-1 Clocks In At $55

If you’re thinking that this drone reminds you of something, you might just be right. This is yet another Mavic clone, one that just might fit those of you on a tight budget. The Attop XT-1 quadcopter displays the same foldable concept while packing way

The Affordable Tello Drones Deserves Your Attention

Well, it does, and its a Chinese startup called Ryze Tech we need to thank for that. This affordable drone packs technology from Intel and DJI, and will only cost $99. Tello, as this drone has been named, is a tiny machine equipped with a

DJI’s Mavic Air Costs $799

Does that sound like too much? I highly doubt it, considering that each and every drone enthusiast has been waiting for this flying machine to arrive. DJI keeps its grip on the drone market by revealing the new Mavic Air, a cool device announced in

360Fusion Will Make Crashing Your Drone A Rare Occurence

Buying a drone is exciting, partly due to the technology involved in building these incredible machines nad partly due to the fun times ahead. Crashing into things, however, is not on everyone’s to-do list and is definitely not a fun occurrence, which is why Leti