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Do You Know Of The Polaroid PL3000?

It’s all about opening boxes with us, isnt’t it? Whehter it’s Christmas, our birthday or you simply want to feel special, you simply go crazy, pruchase whatever you want, add the box and a ribbon and you are in Heaven. Well, that’s exactly how the

FuriBee Stormer Will Get You Buzzing

There’s plenty to get us excited around the Holidays, and this flying machine might just be one of them. The FuriBee Stormer has been equipped with versatile F4 PLUS Flight controller and promises the latest features any professional racing FPV quadcopter should brag about. The

The Spectre Drone Will Put Fear Into Casper

Are you already out and about looking for that cool Christmas gift? You shouldn’t be; first of all, because shopping online should be a concept that everyone should be acquainted with by now. Second, we’ve got the ideal suggestion right here. Drones continue to be

FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur Is Not What Fred Flintstone Had In Mind

You remember the cartoons, don’t you? Old guys like me probably still remember the popular Flintstones cartoons, and I have my doubts that the character or people of those times were expecting to see one of these things flying about. The FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur looks

Should The SmartPlane Pro Be Hiding In Santa’s Bag?

Helicopter-styled drones are kind of my thing; quadcopters may be way more powerful or maneuverable, but it seems that simulators are kind of my passion – anyone else remembering the Microsoft flight simulators a while back? Am I that old? Moving on. With plenty of

Sparrow I Autonomous Drone Feels Industrial

It certainly looks that way, and that’s exactly what Israeli startup Percepto was going for. The Sparrow I drone system is a new safety inspector, a utility robot designed for aerial monitoring of complex industrial centers in the search for security. Making use of machine

The TYRC TY6 Is A Pliable HD Artist

What do we have here? Well, the TYRC TY6 enters the pliable drone market with that its manufacturers consider are some impressive facts.  For instance, a barometric air-pressure sensor allows this flying machine to autonomously maintain its flight altitude, something that beginners will most likely appreciate. It

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo Takes You On A Wild Ride

According to ImmersionRC claims, whale-spit can do this drone no harm; I, on the other hand, think that’s disturbing and unuseful information. Nonetheless, this was enough for me to get interested in the ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo drone. Let’s find out more about it, together. First