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A Closer Look At The DJI Osmo Mobile 2

You may remember this one, we’ve talked about it before. Well, there is now more to talk about, such as the £129 price tag; sure, the feature list is long, but I guess that’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about

Some Accessories Drone Pilots Might Appreciate

We do love our toys, so we’ve come up with a short list of interesting gadgets that might be of use to you. To be honest, the first item on our list looks a bit dangerous and possibly destructive, which is why it is a

The World Is Serviced By Revolve

Designed by Andrea Mocellin to be the first modular wheel, Revolve is truly a unique design, one that has nothing to do with drones – so what? – but has managed to get our attention. The modular design will get you interested, for sure, but

Top Drone 360 Camera Apps

Are you taking photos right now? Everyone is, and not of the cool kind. You see, with every electronic device out there packing powerful cameras, everyone is thinking that every second of every day is worth remembering and sharing with the rest of the world

DroneGun Tactical – The Drone Killer You Can’t Have

I’m sorry to begin like this, but it’s the sad truth. The increasing global drone population has got people worried, which is why some of them are already thinking about taking down the neighbor’s flying machine. The team over at DroneShield delivers a portable weapon,

DJI’s Osmo 2 Stabilizer Should Keep Us Busy For A While

DJI’s line of popular and best-selling drones have made the company name a household item. However, the company actually has other products, including first-person-view (FPV) goggles and a selfie-stick-like product called the Osmo. The Osmo Mobile 2 was designed to be used with smartphones, with

PITTA Will Fly Away With Your perfect Picture

Let me stop you from thinking about a misspell or about me, drinking while at work – it is a new year, anything is possible. Jokes aside, we all love drones and taking pictures and selfies seems to have taken over our every minute of

DJI Goggles RE Are What Racers Have Been Dreaming Of

The pictures within this post were meant to offer you a glimpse of what the DJI Goggles RE look like. Feel free to consider yourselves impressed, as the updated goggles from DJI  designed to make racers all over enjoy their experience towards the podium. Similar

The RealFlight 8 Will Get You Flying

.. from your very own chair, that is. Hobbico‘s new virtual reality flight simulator might be the perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast that doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.  Dubbed the RealFlight 8, an upgraded version of the RF7.5, this

WiBotic PowerPad Will Keep Your Drone Going

We all love drones, and that’s why we’re here – talking and talking and talking some more about them. However, as sophisticated and state of the art some may be, we end up talking about the same disadvantage – battery life. That will ruin your