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5 Drone Trackers Worth Investing In

Drone and quadcopters have taken over the world, but as rich or passionate as you may be, even the most expensive drones will lose signal at one point or another. What do you do? Well, you either go adventuring into the woods and hope that

Litchi App Transforms DJI Drones

We all know the name of one of the most popular autonomously flying apps on the market. Litchi allows drones enthusiasts to enjoy their devices regardless of experience or device; for instance: did you know that the app sets waypoints and POI’s in Google Earth

Trackimo Will Keep An Eye On Your Drone

Losing your new drone means having a really bad day. However, if you take Trackimo along for the ride, you will be able to track where the drone ended up – be it day or night. Trackimo is a personal safety and security tracking device, user friendly and affordable; it will track