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DJI Osmo Is Yours If You Want It

The DJI Osmo is a handheld gimbal that promises unbelievable smooth drone footage to the ground, and it’s now up for grabs. The company has decided to sell the Osmo for $559 (check today’s price), with DJI surprising everyone with this interesting product. This thing isn’t meant for drones at all, and was

Mito Is Also Interested In Your Phone

Since everyone’s focus around smartphones and their cool capabilities, it would make a lot of sense for your drone to do the same. I mean, virtual reality viewers like the Gear VR and it’s making it way onto the drone market as well. What if

The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Glasses Allow For New Dimensions

The Walkera Goggle 4 features a 5-inch HD screen, and comes associated with a much more affordable price-tag than the high-end and expensive Goggle3. The Walkera offering now includes AV input/output, although that sounds like 20st century technology; I’m guessing HDMI input would’ve been more appreciated – at least to the DJI Phantom

DJI Focus Provides You With Fine Camera Control

Drone hobbyists will probably not care about this, but professional cinematographers will appreciate this technology, that might give their work a much appreciated touch. The DJI Focus is a control system, which allows remote adjustment of aperture and focus, allowing users to get those stunning aerial shots. Most of us are having

LiPo Batteries – Which Is Best?

It’s all about flight time with drones; sure, some toys are cooler or more expensive than others, but regardless of your choice, the longer that thing stays up in the air, the better. As such, it’s important to know what to consider when choosing the

See the DJI ZENMUSE XT in Action

The DJI Zenmuse XT is a pretty capable camera, able to performing motion tracking and capturing some impressive crane footage; sadly, it’s not all good news, as the quality of footage isn’t as high as you’d expect it to be – let’ s just hope that the XT Advanced Radiometry