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How About Some Drones For Pet Photography?

With the risk of starting a debate or provoking the wrong conclusion, I have to admit: I am not a pet person, or whater you call them. To me, if a domestic animal has no purpose or practicality about itself, it does not diserve to

DJI Mavic Air Takes On Its Mavic Pro Sibling

The DJI Mavic Air is an odd contraption; not a Mavic 2, but better than the Mavic Pro in, this thin has got everyone buzzing. There are some drawbacks to the Mavic design, which is to say that it cannot compare itself to the Mavic

Buying A Racing Drone – The Good, The Bad, The Exciting

Flying a drone at speeds of up to 100 mph around a technical course sounds exciting and cool, but small, tough, agile, high-speed machines with FPV cameras and goggles aren’t that easy to handle. There are many levels of drone racing, and professionals sometimes end up

Professionals Photographers Should Be Aware Of Drone Laws

Whether we like it or not, there are plenty of rules that govern our lives. Most of them are there for a reason, like those concerning air traffic or public roads, and they were well worth the writing and sometimes worth a read – at

Using Lightroom To Process Your Drone Photos [VIDEO]

There are plenty of drones out there, ready to take the next cool shot. Which means, cameras have to improve their skills constantly in order to keep up with increasing demands and more and more sophisticated flying machines. Drones allow us to reach vantage points that

More Than One Lipo Battery Might Be A Good Idea

Having to recharge your Lipo battery is a drag, no doubt about it. It means time away from your favorite flying machine, which is why some people invest money in more than one battery pack. Nonetheless, as many as you might purchase, all batteries require

Do You Know HOW TO Put The DJI Assistant 2 To Work on Phantom?

We all love drones while the DJI Goggles get most of us excited as we daydream about Virtual Reality and its future possibilities. But, do you know how to activate the goggles by using the latest DJI Assistant 2 application? Once you install the latest

DJI Spark & DJI Mavic Pro – Why And How To Update

I’m sure you’ve seen it, that message saying your DJI Spark or DJI Mavic Pro require a firmware update. It’s safe to assume that would be a good idea, but it’s also worth mentioning that there is more than one way to skin a sheep – I’m sorry for

Piloting Your Drone – Everyone Makes Mistakes

It is easy to make a mistake flying your new quadcopter, as well as fun. However, some mistakes are more costly than others, depending on what happens and what drone you are flying, which is why it pays to be attentive and know what you