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The Best Drones To Buy In 2016

Drones have captured our imagination and dreams; everybody wants one. However, the market is beginning to get flooded, making your choice increasingly difficult. As such, we’re here to make your life more enjoyable by suggesting what is the best this year has to offer, are

Rules Still Apply On Christmas

Sad, but true; in order to protect our safety and the integrity of vital systems that make our society function properly, the rules developed for drone enthusiasts are always in effect – even on Christmas. Sure, we all love the fact that drones come in

4 FPV Quadcopters To Keep You Entertained Indoors This winter

It’s no news that the winter is coming, and most of us are already waiting for Santa to deliver the presents. However, things are getting a bit chili, which is why finding ways of keeping entertained indoors is becoming somewhat of a purpose. There are various

iPhone & iPad Users Might Appreciate These 6 Drones

Technological innovation has brought us closer together and the opportunity to really make use of technology and improve our lives. This can also translate into more fun, and drone pilots understand this better than the rest. Flying incredible devices at high speeds, with affordable costs and the ability

Everything You Need To Know About Drone Registration

As per usual, the consequences of someone’s stupid actions affect everyone, in a not so good way. The last few years have seen some Drone pilots going beyond the call of duty, or fun, and got the wrong kind of attention from the FAA. You might remember someone

Let’s Talk About Best Flight Controllers

That’s a contradiction in terms, if I’m going to be honest about it. Anyone you talk to is going to have at least one issue or complaint regarding theirs, or go the other way and praise it; they can’t all be bad, and they can’t all

Do You Know How To Fly A Quadcopter? [Short Guide]

We forgot to ask you that, and just started teasing you with sophisticated and expensive toys. But it is relevant to ask and to know how to fly a quadcopter. This short guide is meant to make your life easier and your investment safer and

Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 3: Which Is Best?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 3 Professional? Well, we’re here to make it all clear. But, first, let’s go ahead and mention what are the things to consider when making such a choice: obstacle avoidance sleep and