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GoPro QuikStories Is The Digital Friend You’ve Always Wanted

Social media users, such as myself, are well aware of the new feature called “stories”. Sharing your day with your followers might be your thing, and Instagram and Snapchat users are used to that. However, GoPro decided it would enter the game as well, with

Drone Footage Reveals Any Surfer’s Nightmare

You clearly love the picture above, and that’s OK; who wouldn’t want to tackle the forces of Nature, overpower them and enjoy the results? That’s what talented surfers do each and every day, and we love them for that. However, some days are better than

Salina Turda – The Best Place To Get Your Drone Racing On

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and drones go well together, which is why drones have become mainstream over the past few years. Drone flying is a hobby and source of entertainment, although some have went pro and make a good living out of this – do they?

RC Speeder Inferno Speeds At About 450 Mph

Most car manufacturers are still dreaming about such speeds, but this RC creation will easily fly that fast. We’ve seen remote control airplanes powered by tiny jet engines before, but this thing is out of this world. The RC Speeder Inferno weighs in at 17 pounds and

Hurricane Harvey, Houston & Drones

This is no time to be thinking about fun drones and interesting technical specifications. Tropical storm Harvey continues its havoc in southern Texas while the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration warns amateur drone pilots to refrain from flying their devices over Houston. It seems like an odd

What Drones Were Doing During The Eclipse

Why, flying, of course. A total solar eclipse crossed the United States on Monday, bringing people outside in full force to watch the historic event; everyone became ignorant of everything else, including those cool flying machines we all love so much. Few of us noticed

DronePrix AR Simulator

DronePrix AR Offers The Virtual Experience

Augmented reality gets some people very excited, but I’m not going to criticize anyone’s girlfriend. Instead, I am going to focus on the DronePrix AR and its obvious powers over retailers, considering the technology’s potential for gamers and drone pilots. Using the DJI software development

Drone Fishing Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Well, to be clear, you won’t be using a mechanical grabbing arm to fish for a drone out of a pile; no, far from it. When in Juno Beach, Florida, feel free to go for some fly fishing – and when I say ‘fly’ I

Some Flying Camera Drones Are Lazier Than Others

If all of that sounds odd, it’s because this situation is; it is also funny, to be honest. Drone pilots are aware that a decent Steadicam rig will allow them to shoot those perfect video clips and impressive stills; they are also aware that that