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A Hungry Saltwater Crocodile Goes For The Drone

Photographer Sean Scott managed to capture a col and possibly dangerous event. It seems a massive crocodile went ahead and launched itself towards the Phantom 4 drone he was using while out on a boat, exploring; I guess some just refuse to keep up with the advancements of technology or

Drones Capture The Reality Of Social Differences

This new project was dubbed “Unequal Scenes”, with Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller delivering some marvelous and probably unexpected results. We, people, refuse to acknowledge the social differences keeping us apart; but, sometimes, the truth will shall reveal itself when no one expects it. The aforementioned photographer made use of a

Drone Reveals The Circle Of Life

Whenever we think we know and understand everything there is to know about life, ours and the surrounding fauna and environment around us, life comes up with a surprise. For instance, we know sharks have little to fear, as they swim around through the oceans and dominating over all

Drone Contest: Let That Perfect Shot Win With National Geographic

This isn’t something about good aim and for gun aficionados; oh, no. This contest is meant to get drone fanatics excited and put their skills to the test, and possibly good use. Dronestagram is organizing an International Drone Photography Contest, with the winner in each category to