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Aerones Gets Adrenaline Junkies Excited

Drone racing is no longer a novelty, although it is a growing sport and probably business. Nonetheless, people keep coming up with new ways to enjoy these unique 21-st century flying devices, and Latvia is the place to experience the latest one. Aerones is a

9 Mistakes That Might Ruine Your Flying Drone’s Day

Millions of drones have found new owners in the U.S. last year, with sales having tripled compared to the previous year -the holidays are usually reason enough for people to purchase a new device. It’s safe to say there is now an army of amateur

Drone Footage Revels Dramatic Images At California’s Oroville Dam

High water levels at Lake Oroville have prompted authorities to put the dam’s emergency spillway to work for the first time in almost fifty years. People panicked, and for good reason; it seems that the main spillway had suffered unexpected erosion due to heavy, with

Drone Timelapse Of Minsk Makes Mondays More Bearable

As a friend used to say, anything could be done better and faster on Mondays, if any of us had the will or mood to work, that is. Yes, with this incredible offering of devices and drones, the Internet has nowadays become saturated with timelapse

Experience The Croatian Coast Thanks To A Drone

Croatia’s 1,800 kilometers of stunning coastline includes islands and the turquoise Adriatic, as well as attractions well established on the holiday scene. However, the west coast of Istria and the Makarska Riviera hosts few purpose-built resorts. Officially recognized as Europe’s second-cleanest, Croatia’s shores are not

Apple Campus 2 Progress Gets Captured By A Drone

Yes, we’re dealing with another video of the development of Apple’s spaceship campus; however, drone footage always gets us excited, no matter what the reason. The latest footage of ‘Campus 2’ shows progress to the building, including signs of new work on the canopies, plants

Great White Shark Gets Sighted By Drone

French blogger Isabelle Fabre is the person behind “Traveling with Isa,” an incredible adventure to be enjoyed from your work office or from the cozy couch at your house. Either way, her latest experience is not that pleasant, to say the least. It’s one thing to

No Day Without Drone Fails

Well, actually we’d all love nothing more than to avoid any crashes or potentially harmful events taking place around our devices – regardless of how much they cost. This, we have to admit, is not possible; every guy you’ve ever met, professional or not, has crashed their

DJI’s Mavic Flies With The Pros

We all know about the Mavic and its capabilities, but some might need a bit of visual aid to fully understand its capabilities. I do have to admit, it’s always more entertaining with some cool shots making everything clearer. As such, the YouTube video below should

Janet Gets Everyone Excited

YouTube star Casey Neistat has seen his Christmas wish come true a bit sooner than others. He managed to do something we’ve all wanted to try with a drone, specifically let it make a winter ride way cooler than imagined. It seems this guy took a snowboard,