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What About Using Drones For Roof Inspections?

Never thought about this one, I’m sure; however, it sounds like a good idea. Using drones in roof inspections can get difficult, but one you fit a drone with a thermal camera you’re covered. A relatively small and stable drone can get close to the roof and deliver both a live video

Take A Look At This Before Your Drone Wedding Video

Drones have gone from spying for the military to capturing wonderful, memorable moments. The FAA was still finalizing rules for commercial use of the remote-control aircraft when people were already using them to deliver breathtaking aerial videos of weddings. Brides and grooms are considering such photography and videography to be the coolest

Freefly’s Alta 8 Drone Is A Heavy Lifter

Freefly is showing off their new drone, the Alta 8. This thing is a bit special, since it was designed to carry around big, heavy cameras; I’m thinking movie producers are paying attention, right about now. The Alta 6 and Alta 8 are relatively similar, with the 8 featuring 8

Drones Love Fireworks As Well

We all enjoy a stunning aerial view of a volcano or a beautiful mountains, but this footage has taken things a bit further than that. The drone flew through a fireworks display, and what resulted is probably the most beautiful thing ever. The stunning video was posted by Youtube channel Drone Hub, and

The Nissan GT-R Drone Lives Up To Its Name

All shall agree that the Nissan GT-R is one of the greatest vehicles to touch pavement in latest years. With that in mind, for the company to commission a special drone, capable of keeping pace with the high-performance GT-R, will make anyone’s day at the racetrack. The Nissan GT-R Drone was

The New York City Drone Film Festival Proves The World Is Not Enough

The New York City Drone Film Festival is a place of magic and skills, as the video below will easily prove. Consider yourselves lucky, as the event has put together this compilation video that comprises footage from the official selections of the festival. Surely, you will agree this is

Phantom 3 landed in the lake & How to fix it [VIDEOS]

Are you excited when go out with a new drone? Of course, you are! Michael Flarup was the same, he went to play with his drone in the woods and over the water, check out a nice footage with an not so happy final, the

Take A Trip Around The World With ‘AIRTime’

It’s Monday, the day we all fear and hate; bad jokes aside, I’m well aware you’re all reading this post from behind your work desk or, possibly, from your lunch break. Daydreaming about a trip around the world may be permitted, but actually making plans