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Drone Fishing Is Exactly What You Think It Is

Well, to be clear, you won’t be using a mechanical grabbing arm to fish for a drone out of a pile; no, far from it. When in Juno Beach, Florida, feel free to go for some fly fishing – and when I say ‘fly’ I

Some Flying Camera Drones Are Lazier Than Others

If all of that sounds odd, it’s because this situation is; it is also funny, to be honest. Drone pilots are aware that a decent Steadicam rig will allow them to shoot those perfect video clips and impressive stills; they are also aware that that

Anyone Up For Some Drone Hunting?

It’s an ordinary day, the weather is good, and you’re in the mood for a flight – nothing illegal, but a bit of fun. A Washington drone owner nearly learned the hard way that using technology to intrude on the privacy of others may end in

The Harbin Siberian Tiger Park Is Not The Place To Let Your Drone Loose

There is a Siberian Tiger farm in China’s Heilongjiang Province that uses a drone to exercise some rather chubby of tigers – feel free to read ‘winter weight’. But things don’t always go as you’d wish. A video posted to YouTube shows that the Harbin Siberian

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Captured By A Drone

Elon Musk is keeping busy, with Tesla’s evolution at least – Supercharger Networks, breaking through new markets such as Korea and Australia, not to mention plans for Gigafactory 2 in Europe. However, you should also keep in mind that he aims to take space exploration

The Scorpion-3 Is The Hoverbike George Lucas Imagined Decades Ago

Do you remember watching the first ever Star Wars movie? I do, and it was mindblowing, from the characters to the spaceships, technology or even mind-controlling powers. Nonetheless, a special place in my mind was reserved for those hoverbikes the Stormtroopers were using. Russian startup

Aerones Gets Adrenaline Junkies Excited

Drone racing is no longer a novelty, although it is a growing sport and probably business. Nonetheless, people keep coming up with new ways to enjoy these unique 21-st century flying devices, and Latvia is the place to experience the latest one. Aerones is a

9 Mistakes That Might Ruine Your Flying Drone’s Day

Millions of drones have found new owners in the U.S. last year, with sales having tripled compared to the previous year -the holidays are usually reason enough for people to purchase a new device. It’s safe to say there is now an army of amateur

Drone Footage Revels Dramatic Images At California’s Oroville Dam

High water levels at Lake Oroville have prompted authorities to put the dam’s emergency spillway to work for the first time in almost fifty years. People panicked, and for good reason; it seems that the main spillway had suffered unexpected erosion due to heavy, with

Drone Timelapse Of Minsk Makes Mondays More Bearable

As a friend used to say, anything could be done better and faster on Mondays, if any of us had the will or mood to work, that is. Yes, with this incredible offering of devices and drones, the Internet has nowadays become saturated with timelapse