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FiFish underwater drone is set for the depths

It’s too cold from where I’m typing, but I guess if the weather permits it, it might be a cool idea to chill out while swimming alongside an underwater drone. Nowadays, there are more such drones on the market than most of us realize –

Japanese T-Friend Prevents You From Overworking

Did you know? Overwork is a serious issue in Japan, with recent news talking about an employee of a Japanese TV broadcaster who uffered a heart attack and died at her workplace – she was 31. As you try to understand what happene,d allow us to

DJI Updates The AeroScope Drone Tracking and Identification System

Yes, that’s true. The people over at DJI have updated the company’s AeroScope drone tracking and identification system. It is now set to include an optional self-identification feature for drone operators, meaning that pilots who choose to broadcast their info are invited to do so.

Mercedes-Benz Will Get You Up There

Mercedes-Benz, manufacturer all of sorts of cool and appreciated vehicles, has decided to shift direction. The company has been testing drones and uses them to ship everyday items like ground coffee and cell phones. Strategically placed vans in Zurich were part of the strategy, and it

The Russians At ARDN Enter SKYF Onto The Cargo Market

I doubt most of you know about Russian technology firm ARDN and its existence, but it seems that it has some very big plans – as usual, everything is big with the Russians.. Jokes aside, it seems that the company has been working on a

Black Friday + Star Wars Drones = Double The Excitement

We’ve seen our share of Star Wars drones, like the exciting X1 Battle Drone, or the Imperial Speeder Bike – going official is usually a collector’s dream. However, this year’s Black Friday event has got big things in store for us, including some new Star

Yuneec’s Black Friday Offering 2017

Orange is the new black; or, is that the other way around? Let’s ignore that for a bit and also disregard discussions regarding personal beliefs, the occult or any other odd activities, I have always loved the non-color – artists will get that, the rest

Hycopter Leaves Battery Issues Behind

There’s a company in A Singapore that has designed a quadcopter that needs no batteries to take flight. This concept stores pressurized hydrogen in its frame, which might actually increase drone autonomy and reduce overall costs – fun times ahead, am I right? The Hycopter

Uber Elevate Should Arrive By 2020

Or, should we say ‘land’? Uber’s “flying car” project, dubbed Elevate, grabbed everyone’s ear these days. It seems that the company is seriously taking this concept into consideration, as they consider where it will first appear, who will be working on it, and how this

DJI Drops FlightHub Software & Updated Wind Drones

Chinese startup DJI is leading the market for consumer and commercial drones, so it should come as no surprise that it unveiled its first web app, FlightHub. The app allows an operator to manage a fleet of 10 or more drones at once, which might