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Meet The Diodon – The World’s First Inflatable Drone

As the title reveals, DIODON is the first inflatable drone, which doesn’t sound that interesting once you hear of it. However, once you really think about it, the advantages become obvious, such as portability. This thing is small enough to fit in any bag, no matter the size of

BonaDrone Offers A 3D-Printed Toy

A startup in Barcelona has launched a fundraising campaign in their effort to deliver the world’s first 3D-printed drone to all the enthusiasts around the world. Aside from 3D-printed goodies, and a practice drone for kids, you can also go for BonaDrone’s Mosquito – expected to arrive this September and make

The iBubble Will Take You Into The Depths

Well, let’s not exaggerate things; not that much, anyway. Airborne drones are fun, cool, and all over the place; moreover, there’s even laws concerning them and some areas that disallow their presence. But what about the seas? There’s plenty of technology to make that happen, that’s for sure. The