360Fusion Will Make Crashing Your Drone A Rare Occurence

360Fusion Drone

Buying a drone is exciting, partly due to the technology involved in building these incredible machines nad partly due to the fun times ahead. Crashing into things, however, is not on everyone’s to-do list and is definitely not a fun occurrence, which is why Leti – the research institute wing of CEA – decided to have a say in this.

Having developed anti-crash tech, built onto a mass-market drone body, the company has revealed prototypes based on some impressive underlying tech. An “obstacle-avoidance algorithm”enables the drones to maneuver and respond quickly to a forever changing environment – no human required. 360Fusion was meant to be a flexible solution, fitted on a low-cost microcontroller, one that may very well be embedded in most drones quite soon.

Were you expecting the drones to be able to swarm? Multiple drones equipped with this algorithm can allegedly fly and work around each other without any unintended bumps. This has incredible industrial potential, for various activities, allowing human employees to stay clear of potentially harmful jobs. Is that good news or what?

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