Top Cheap Drone: The AOSenMa CG035 – Take Flight Aboard

AOSenMa CG035 Drone package

A direct competitor of the Hubsan H501S or the Flyin3D X6+, the AO SenMa CG035 FPV drone is a brushless machine packing a GPS/Glonass alongside a 2-axis brushed gimbal and a 720p FPV camera; the 4.3″ FPV monitor should help out with keeping your flying machine on track.

There is also a follow-me feature that might get you smiling for as long as 15 minutes, as long as the drone keeps within a 300-meter distance. The official package includes the AO SenMa, a 2S 2200mAh LiPo, the transmitter, monitor, 2 x USB chargers, 4 x spare propellers joined by guards and that always present and infinitely boring instruction manual.

The overall design looks a bit menacing, although it kind of reminds me of older Power Rangers cartoons. The plastic quality should worry you while considering the landing gears and GPS couple; you will be getting 7 cm worth of ground clearance. Honestly, this shouldn’t impress you; it did not do that to me. The full LEDs on the bottom motor pods and arms will get the kids excited, though.

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AOSenMa CG035

The 720p camera will broadcast the FPV signal in NTSC format in the Boscam band E, but you should not expect it to deliver those very cool shots you see on the web on a daily basis. The Return Home button will come in handy, but that is not an innovative feature anymore. The FPV monitor? A basic 4.3″ FPV with poor brightness and no settings to adjust.

This drone seems like an attempt to act busy, but not all that impressive; I mean, you would quickly ignore this flying machine once compared to other popular brands and their products.

AOSenMa CG035 Controller

I usually consider cons first, whenever purchasing a product, and once you remember the super slow landing in RTH, fragile landing skid, and all-around decent construction at best, you will most likely go another direction.

I mean, think about it; what else could you get for $194?

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