FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur Is Not What Fred Flintstone Had In Mind

Dinosaur drone

You remember the cartoons, don’t you? Old guys like me probably still remember the popular Flintstones cartoons, and I have my doubts that the character or people of those times were expecting to see one of these things flying about. The FQ777 FQ19W Pterosaur

looks quite similar to a dinosaur, sans the propellers I guess, while packing all the latest features. The built-in barometric air-pressure sensor enables the drone is capable to autonomously maintain its flight altitude. while the 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery promises just 8 minutes of fun time – hey, that’s eight more than Fred would have ever dreamed of.

A unique Gyro bracelet will allow pilots to control the drone as the 720P camera with WiFi real-time image transmission keep them up to date on what’s happening around them. There are multiple flight speed rates to be mentioned, as well as the ability to use a dedicated app.

With included blade protectors, and gyro transmitter, as well as 2 pairs of spare propellers, this thing seems fun enough to get our attention – I will, however, say that I expect more battery life from any drone. On the other hand, a flying dinosaur above your heads is not really a sight that you’d love to share with others for as long as possible.

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