DJI M200 Is The Company’s First Workhorse

Times change and drones are no longer cool devices meant to entertain and make your kids smile; oh, no. Drones are becoming essential tools for everyday tasks, from firefighting to vineyard-inspecting, allowing us to make any job easier and safer than before. DJI M200 is the company’s first workhorse, something expected from the brand – to go beyond their cool and end-used products, that is.

The Mobile World Congress saw DJI announcing their enterprise drone, a device based on the very appreciated and popular Inspire 2. Capable of folding, just like the Mavic Pro, this quadcopter was designed to be transported in rough conditions and used for search and rescue missions, cell tower inspections, and anything else you could think of.

Big, dark, and somewhat scary, this tool comes with a camera featuring a front-facing lens that streams its view to the pilot at all times. Please note the M210 and M210 RTK variations, which brag about two cameras the front and one on top – there’s no sneaking behind this drone, that’s for sure.

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Features like obstacle avoidance and flight planning are obviously included, although the M200 packs an extra safety tool: an ADS-B receiver – Automatic Dependent Surveillance – that will tell it when another aircraft is coming into range. This is a win-win situation, for sure; no one wants their drone taken down, or to find out their loved ones’ plane crashed due to a drone flying too close to the civilian aircraft.

It’s worth mentioning that the M200 can fly for up to 35 minutes, thus deserving the attribute of ‘useful’, and since it has two batteries can be easily hot-swapped it will make any job easy. IP43 certified, this thing will not allow rain to mess up its schedule, and potential customers should expect deliveries to start during the second quarter of this year – don’t expect this to be affordable, though.

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