DJI’s Mavic Air Costs $799

DJI Mavic Air

Does that sound like too much? I highly doubt it, considering that each and every drone enthusiast has been waiting for this flying machine to arrive. DJI keeps its grip on the drone market by revealing the new Mavic Air, a cool device announced in New York. The $799 drone aims to fill the gap between the company’s cheapest drone (the Spark) and its most capable prosumer model (the Mavic Pro). Starting January 28th you will be able to put it to the test, but let’s find out what you will be receiving for that kind of money.

The Mavic Air resembles the drone DJI drones mentioned earlier, while able to fold up for better portability and bragging about being 41% lighter than the Pro. Feel free to expect 4K videos at 24 or 30 fps, or 12-megapixel stills thanks to a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a wide-angle 24mm f/2.8 lens.  Able to fly as fast as 42.5 mph, this drone will face winds of up to 22 mph head on and fly as far as 2.5 miles before losing contact with its pilot.

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New DJI Mavic Air Drone

A redesigned ventilation system prevents this drone from overheating, being as hot as it is. Moreover, a new 3-axis gimbal casing promises smooth videos while a seven-camera obstacle avoidance system keeps your investment safe. How does that sound?

But wait, there’s more. DJI is promising both updated and improved software features, including new shooting modes, better gesture controls, and improved image processing for more photos and videos.

Flying time, however, has seen no significant improvement. As such, the Mavic Air is only capable of staying in flight for as long as 21 minutes. Not cool, if you think about it; I mean, more is always better, and that tens to be also true when it comes to drone flying times.

As DJI keeps innovating with new drones and finding new price points to match, everyone else seems to have been left back at least one year. It would seem this is the manufacturer everyone will be thinking of when looking for a new drone. It’s a win-win situation, to be honest!

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