DROCON Bugs 6 Will Get You Into Racing


Looking just like the name suggests, this drone aims to please and provide you with some excitement. Drocon’s Bugs 6 quadcopter was designed to be an intermediate step for those who want to evolve from flying their toys through the weekend to flying drones at professional racing events.

Constructed out of nylon plastic instead of carbon fiber, the 250 mm brush-less machine would also pack a combo FPV camera (VTX + DVR); please note that the C5830 5.8G HD 720P camera will set you back around $40. This drone will survive crashes, as it should considering that it was meant to help pilots take their skills to the next level.

DROCON Bugs 6 Drone

Night flights are also possible, thanks to a pair of powerful frontal headlights which help the drone achieve that bug look. The shell houses a battery, or it will as soon as the pilot chooses one; there should not be a problem to find compatible spare batteries and it might prove to be a good exercise in configuring your drone for performance

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The ‘features’ list also includes blade protectors, a set of spare propellers, a set of landing skids; and the mention of a 12-minute flight autonomy. The latter leaves me confused, considering there is no battery pack to speak about.

Racing DROCON Bugs 6

I’m guessing the company considered the most powerful battery pack out there – the one that also fits the inner shell – and came up with that figure. Actually, upon further research, it seems that the basic package comes with a 7.4v, 1300 mAh battery. You can find the Bug 6 on Amazon, for $109.90 – free shipping included.






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