Emax Babyhawk-R will get your Heat Racing Just in Time for The New Year

There are only a few days left, and the wait will be over; Santa has arrived and your most outrageous wishes maybe came true. Obviously, if that were true, the world would go mad over the Holidays, although people do that anyway.

So, to help get you excited, the Emax Babyhawk-R drone has arrived just in time. Optimized for 3s and 4s LiPo batteries, this flying machine packs RS1106 6000KV brush-less motors complemented by 2″ Avan Micro 4-blade propellers. A 650TVL camera has also been mounted up front, while a 5.8G VTX with switchable broadcast power will make sure the live feed will cause no problems.

The Emax Babyhawk-R has some noteworthy features, such as a 112-mm carbon frame, an adjustable shell, a high-speed propulsion system, Mini Magnum Towe, BetaFlight firmware and more. The 650TVL camera with CCD image sensor should be able to handle its business, but it’s the large capacitor, left loose on the right side of the canopy, that gets me confused.

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Was it an accident or were the developers not paying attention that day? This seems to ruin an otherwise perfect drone, one that we refuse to associate with a price tag. It is holiday time, after all; it’s all about joy, no matter the costs.

Emax Babyhawk RACE






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