TRNDLabs FADER Drone Might Just Be Related To Darth


Is it? Nope. Should it be? I’m guessing ‘yes’ since this dark yet tiny flying machine is ready to conquer the galaxy. Set to cost as much as €129.00, FADER is a cool quadcopter that comes ready to fly out of the box and features advanced technologies such as auto take-off and landing that make a fun day out truly enjoyable without the risks of a crash and burn.

Compact and looking all stealth in black, this drone seems to have been designed by someone in the special ops. Featuring a six-axis gyro module and weighing in at just a bit, this device was meant to put a smile on your face thanks to some cool tricks and incredible control. Beginners will have it easy as well, no questions asked.


TRNDLabs FADER Specifications & Features

There is a built-in 720p HD camera we have to mention, capable of capturing that perfect shots and record any event or send it live on your Android smartphone via the dedicated app. FADER can hold its altitude mid-flight but you should keep it at under 50-meter away from you. So, what else would you be interested to know?

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New drone - TRNDLabs FADER Drone

FADER will keep going for as long as 7 minutes thanks to its 3.7V, 520 mAh battery, and it’s safe to say weather conditions will influence its flight path.

Other features worth mentioning include LED lights, adjustable controller sensitivity, with the package comprising 4 replacement blades – just in case. Don’t let this one join the Dark Side.



Beginners usability


PRO usability


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