Flying 3D X8 Aims At The DJI Phantom

The Flying 3D X8 isn’t what I’d call a new drone, considering it’s been on sale for roughly 18 months now; however, it still remains relevant. Currently costing around $290 the Flying 3D X8 quadcopter is an affordable alternative to a DJI Phantom device. 

Thanks to successive firmware updates, the build quality is now complemented by reliability and fun times. Showing off a GPS receiver on top and a ‘cockpit window’ at the front, this device looks more like a miniature spy plane than anything else.

It will land safely on legs, allowing for good height clearance and installment of a gimbal and camera. The X8 also packs a barometer and a compass, and is also capable of returning home if it’s running low on power.

Backing everything up is a 2200mAh Lipo, with a T-dean connector, set to allow for 15 minutes of flight; please note spare batteries can be picked up easily for around £10-15. The remote control benefits from large LCD display, displaying vital stats and information.

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The Flying 3D X8 is good value for the money, but it isn’t the most impressive drones we’ve seen. Let’s just say beginners should definitely learn on an affordable device before investing in high-end products.

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