The $150 Force1 F100 GoPro RC Quadcopter Shoots For The Skies

There is now a cool and affordable way for GoPro Hero 3 & 4 owners to enjoy their day. Set to cost you $150, the Force1 F100 GoPro RC Quadcopter Drone is a low-cost offering aimed at drone for pilots who already own a GoPro.

Featuring a mount for the manufacturer’s cameras, the drone is also able to do 360 flips while promising as much as 12 minutes of silent flight time at a time with an extra battery keeping pilots relaxed. 

A low level of setup is required, while the drone’s modular landing gear is set to keep your GoPro safe from harm.

Perfect match drone for GoPro Hero 3 & Hero 4 camera

Cheap GoPro camera drone

Don’t go thinking you will be receiving a 3-axis gimbal mount, and it is also worth mentioning that the flying machine is significantly less stable than more expensive camera drones – for that kind of money, it is to be expected. 

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If you’re thinking about video quality, you might consider the camera you are using – pairing the drone with the controller won’t be a walk in the park, either.

Cheap GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 drone

If your only ask is to have a cheap way to get your GoPro up in the air and you don’t mind unstable video, the Force1 F100 GoPro RC Quadcopter is ideal. I mean, the $1,000 GoPro Karma drone might be a slight stretch for some of you out there.

Force1 F100


Beginners usability


PRO usability


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