Foxtrot Drone Will Deliver Food

New vehicle concepts and drone projects are revealed every day, but I have to admit: this one took me by surprise.  The concept behind the Foxtrot is a food delivery drone system, designed to deliver food ingredients directly to you as you prepare a delicious dish, instructed by a cooking show.

Was this really necessary? Who am I to say, but it is interesting; it seems that this is more than a drone, it’s a complete system set to be linked to TV producers, media companies, grocery store owners and consumers together. I knew cooking shows were popular, but I never thought about linking smartphones with cooking shows to order all the ingredients.

The Foxtrot will take requests and deliver the food in less than 30 minutes, thanks to its six electric motors controlled by the drone’s onboard computer designed to follow a flight path updated in real time, taking into consideration incoming customer requests.

Obviously, show producers, networks, and grocery store owners would have to adhere to the Foxtrot system, while supermarkets would have to look at ‘order predictions’ and prefill orders. Also worth considering is the drone’s maximum payload, but overall this is an environmentally-friendly process and one that would save a lot of time around the isles. Gentlemen, start cooking!

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