Don’t Ignore The GDU Byrd Drone As It Passes You By

GDU Byrd Drone

The airspace is getting a bit crowded, and I’m not just talking about passenger airlines. Drones are out there, flying over your head and taking shots of some very beautiful natural event; or, maybe more than that.

There’s more than one drone you could use, but let’s just focus on the GDU Byrd for now. The Chinese brand has somehow managed to stand out from the crowd with this portable and uncompromising drone.

GDU’s Byrd brags about the standard features, such as the ability to follow you and film from the air for 25 minutes, screen sharing for control, and one button takes off and landing. 

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Powered by a strong propulsion system, this drone is also capable of folding down to the size of a laptop, which means users can bring it along anywhere, anytime; it’s well worth mentioning that the company three different versions of this model – the standard, advanced, and premium – and you’ll have to pay at least $750 to own one of them.

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