Have You Noticed The Helicute H818HW?

To be honest, I could have easily missed out on the Helicute H18HW, but the promises 13-minute flight time got my attention. Sure, it’s not all that impressive, but this quadcopter also features WiFi FPV, headless mode, one key return, flip mode and looks a bit like that space plane in the beginning of the Alien franchise.

The midsized drone and weighs in at about 116 grams, which should make this a good device for outdoor fun times. The 3.7V 1000mAh battery is removable, which means an extra will come in handy and make any pilot smile.

Fitted at the front of the quadcopter, the camera streams video over WiFi FPV directly to your smart device – video latency and somewhat low-quality videos to be expected.

Overall, the Helicute H818HW seems like a decent enough flying machine, although the controlled might give you a hard time from time to time. Are there any other options available? Sure, but not all of us have to drive Lamborghinis; some of us actually enjoy the charm and feel of a hatchback.

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I’m guessing men will get my point, will the ladies will probably have stopped reading after Italian cars were mentioned. Regardless, even a hatchback crashes from time to time, which is why the 4 x spare propellers will probably come in handy.

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