Heliway 905D Is An Affordable DIY Project

Anyone else a fan of LEGO toys? If so, the Heliway 905D kit will make your day; it includes everything you need to build your first flying machine; Even the transmitter comes in parts. According to the manufacturer’s specs, flight autonomy and control range are decent. Actually, the features and specs resemble the popular Syma X5C-1 – but, with half the costs. It’s all simple, as anyone with basic DIY experience will be able to assemble this DIY quadcopter KIT in hours; all the wires comes with pre-soldered connectors to make things easier.

Building your own quadcopter seems like a cool idea; it’s fun, and the user will know exactly where each wire goes – might come in handy, who knows? Assuming that the instructions are follower to the letter, the user will end up benefiting from a drone with these features: 6-axis gyro stabilization, headless flight mode, one key return to home, LED lights, and about 8 minutes of flight autonomy possible thanks to the 3.7 v 600 mAh Li-Po battery. There’s nothing else to do but start working on your drone!

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