Hexo+ Drone – Follow And Film Above

Another day, another cool drone to try out. Hexo + is a drone that autonomously follows and films above the user, which makes your life easier and videos worth watching – even by you. The included app is used to adjust the desired settings, set the distance between you and the drone, choose the height, and the angle, and so on. After that, there’s nothing left to do but let your Hexo + follow and film your glorious day. Price for that drone is $999.

This drone could easily be considered an intelligent flying camera, capable of continuously re-positioning itself while tracking your every move and saving it for later use. The best news is that it takes off and lands automatically, making beginners’ lives that more enjoyable and care free. The aerial camera is ideal if you want to have fun, shoot in remote or crowded places and enjoy shots that seemed impossible – until now. Check out the video!

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Hexo +


Beginners usability


PRO usability



  • intelligent flying camera
  • takes off and lands automatically
  • set the distance between you and the drone
  • choose the height and the angle

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