I Doubt The $200 XINLIN SHIYE X198 Drone Knows Kung Fu


I’m not sure about you guys, but I was raised on old-school kung fu movies, You know, the kind with English overdubs and slow-motion and unsynced mouth movements, yet coll and impressive fighting skills. To this day I honor and praise Bruce Lee for his incredible motivation and talents, but I guess I’m straying away from the subject at hand. As I said, I doubt this drone knows Kung Fu.

The $200 XINLIN SHIYE X198 is a GPS enabled drone, one that aims to offer the best features possible at an affordable price. Packing powerful brushless motors and a full HD camera, this thing also brags about the latest 6 axis flight control system for a more enjoyable flying experience.


The XINLIN SHIYE X198’s camera is removable; it features 5.8G WiFI FPV and records videos at 1920 x 1080 pixels. The precise GPS positioning system, as advertised, should come in handy. Speaking of which, the drone also benefits from headless flight mode, intelligent flight modes, auto return home and up to 20 minutes flight autonomy thanks to the 2-cell 2000mAh LiPo battery. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with this drone, except for the price tag. Things are looking good.

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