Let’s Talk About The Chroma Camera Drone

With a price-tag of $499.99 (check today’s price on Amazon), the Chroma drone isn’t what most people would consider cheap, but it’s well worth the cash. This drone comes with a GoPro-ready fixed camera mount, an extra set of propellers – just in case, as well as a long-lasting 6300 mAh LiPo battery. The Chroma delivers the power and stability you need for shooting those cool aerial video and pics you’ve been dreaming about – once you make use of a Spektrum transmitter. It seems this toy is really easy to fly and offers you 30+ minutes of fun, more than most drones on the market.

The included camera mount will make friends with almost any model of GoPro camera while the drone brags about a sturdy, lightweight construction, a manual tilt adjustment for camera holder as well as an ubber-dampened mounting base. Upgrade to a 3-axis is an option, but a limited one. Weighing in at 1.3 kg, this cool toy is mostly recommended for outdoor use.

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Features include SAFE Plus technology (flight modes programmed for specific purposes), making use of self-leveling and GPS technologies to make your experience more enjoyable; the Return Home function will make landing just as easy. The Smart Mode will make controlling the drone painless, allowing for an automatic holding of position and altitude when in hover.

The AP Mode will allow experienced flyers to take things to the extreme while Return Home function comes in handy for first-time flyers who aren’t ready to land their toy. All in all, this is a pretty cool toy, although you should be looking for ways of protecting your investment, such as a proper case.

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