Lumenier QAV250 FPV Carbon Fiber Review

Lumenier Drone

Dubbed the G10 QAV250 this quadcopter comes fully built, test flown and once you add your own receiver this thing will go mad. Featuring a strong 2.5D CNC-ed carbon fiber unibody main frame board, the Lumenier QAV250 may be small but it is fully functional.

The 250mm airframe accommodates 5″ props and will easily handle the 250mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally. The airframe is designed to support 3s lipo batteries, such as the Lumenier 1300mah 3s with XT-60 connector.

Lumenier QAV250 Drone

Aside from the Gemfan 5x3rotors, the battery will also be powering up 2 integrated LED strips (white and red), which look good and help out with the orientation.

The light airframe weighs 170g, with PDB, LED boards, landing gear and hardware, but the full package comes in at 540g – including the Mobius HD camera. Speaking of which, the camera will be providing pilots with vibration-free HD recordings, thanks to the smooth Lumenier FX-2206 2000kv motors.

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Lumenier QAV250 FPV

The integrated landing gear reminiscent might come in handy if you’re the kind of pilot who loves remote places. For one such small package, this thing is a big player in the drone market.

Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Edition

Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Edition

Beginners usability


PRO usability


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