The Nimbus 195 Racing Drone Is Stronger Than It Looks

Nimbus 195 parts

Nimbus 195 has accepted the challenge of FPV racing, and the potential risks of equipment damage and costly repairs. High-speed crashes are not fun, that’s for sure, and Russian outfit Aerodyne RC has come up with a solution. This device is set to raise the bar and shows off higher durability standards – or, at least, if it eventually gets shipped.

The Nimbus looks somewhat ordinary, except for its unique ball-shaped fuselage and fully-enclosed construction. Showing off a monocoque shell, made using a unique construction method that uses a special bladder to form a cavity during the carbon fiber layup process, the drone benefits from a single-piece seamless carbon fiber structure.

Nimbus 195 price tag and specs

Nimbus 195 drone

Backed up by a strong and lightweight frame, the aerodynamic drone brags about excellent IP 54 weatherproofing. Several indentations on the body allow for further optimized flying dynamics; even the propellers were made using a flexible type of plastic that won’t break on impact.

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Could you believe that the Nimbus is so tough it can even survive getting rolled over by a car tire? Aerodyne RC is currently on a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo, with their offering available in three different packages — frame only, BNF and RTF.

The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) package costs $750 and comes with a TBS Tango transmitter, with a built-in 5.8G FPV monitor and receiver. Aerodyne RC will also offer the frame for sale, resulting in a customized drone.

Important figures: 160 km/h, 1000-meter control range, F4 flight controller with integrated OSD, 30/45/55 degrees adjustable FPV camera HS 1177/1190 with 2.5 mm lens, 4S batteries / XT60 – up to 1550 mAh. Gotta love it!

Nimbus 195 Racing Drone

4 thoughts on “The Nimbus 195 Racing Drone Is Stronger Than It Looks”

  1. Andy Naglmayr says:

    Hallo dear. Where i can by this drone (nimbus195 racing)?

    1. Draqos says:

      Hi Andy,

      You can pre-order it at


  2. Muharrem YILDIZHAN says:

    How much is that ?

    1. Draqos says:

      $490 + Shipping

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