Do You Know Of The Polaroid PL3000?

Polaroid Drones

It’s all about opening boxes with us, isnt’t it? Whehter it’s Christmas, our birthday or you simply want to feel special, you simply go crazy, pruchase whatever you want, add the box and a ribbon and you are in Heaven.

Well, that’s exactly how the Polaroid PL3000 will make you feel What you get is an aluminum / plastic construction, extra propellers and a remote control. The battery pack will have to be removed before recharging, which is definitely not cool. Are you hearing this, Polaroid?

Polaroid PL3000 Drone

The remote comes with an optional bracket that will keep your smart device close by to pair it with the drone, via Wi-Fi. The specs’ list also includes a flight distance of up to 1000 feet, a total flight time up to 10 minutes and speeds up to 16 mph – this should do, right?

Polaroid PL3000

If you want to just fly, the headless mode will take care of that – an auto-return and one-key landing are also there to help out. If you would like to get a drone that can shoot video and take pictures without ruining your budget calculations, the Polaroid PL3000 is just what you need. If you want to get yours now, head over to Amazon!






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