PowerUP FPV Paper Airplane Drone

We’ve all dreamed about creating the perfect paper airplane, one that not only flies great but looks cool as well. The PowerUP FPV kit lets you turn paper planes into remote-controlled flying machines that have cameras on them, and they can be controlled in virtual reality.

The PowerUP planes can be controlled by tilting your head side to side with the VR headset on your face. The footage from the camera live streams to your VR headset and responds to the movement of your head. The kit consists of two propellers, an electronics unit that mounts on the front of the plane. The electronics unit contains a 3-axis gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, barometer, Wi-Fi, and has a microSD card slot for recording video. The battery lasts for a solid 10 minutes before needing to recharge. Although it’s not available until next summer, you can pre-order it now for $199.

Where you can buy a cheap product for testing?

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