Eachine E30W WiFi FPV Review – Or, Why You Need A Ladder To Fly Your Drone

Let’s Hang Out

Hey folks, how’s it hangin’?! If this seems like the inappropriate way to start a conversation these days, it’s because this greeting was mostly used during the 1990s and may sound politically incorrect these days – what doesn’t, right? Regardless, you will find that this was the best way to start off, a bit later.

Thanks to the people at FirstQuadcopter, we had something to play these days – that’s right, it’s review time, although some might consider checking out other Quadcopter reviews. Today, we are focusing on the Eachine E30W WIFI FPV drone, which is sad to be worth the time – I’m not sure about the money, though; for where I’m sitting, it costs $90 to get one online (seems that at the moment on Amazon & Banggood isn’t available).

According to the advertisement, the drone can be flown thanks to the controller or smartphone; it films the entire operation and sends the clip through Wifi. Compared to other Eachine E30W machines, this thing will be easy to pilot and will keep its own even in windy conditions. It looks cool, modern, and was constructed out of high-quality materials – I beg to differ!

It’s Not Fun To Beg

And I am really begging hard. Of course, you realize, that is all in theory. We could go on about the drone, and recite the ‘official word’, but it would just be a waste of your time – and, possibly, money. So, what should we start off with? That’s right – what does your money get you?

Well, you get a dark box with a stylish pic of the quadcopter. It contains the drone, controller, two spare propellers, guards, a tiny screwdriver and a mount meant to keep your smartphone close by and help you keep the drone in check. Speaking of which, the free LS-Model should help with that; so should the camera and battery.

Eachine came up with a 2.4G 6 axis RC quadcopter, with a white design and some golden touches reminding us of the manufacturer. This thing is supposed to be obedient for as far as 70 meters, although in my experience things get way more complicated and fast. Powered by a 3.7V 550mAh battery, the drone is supposed to fly around for 6-8 minutes, depending on who you ask, and will take 50 minutes to charge up. On the other hand, the remote control will require 5 x AA batteries. Let’s take a breather and focus on the truth.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The battery will handle it business for 6 minutes if you’re lucky; it will charge up quite fast, but that won’t make your day. I’m not sure you’ll be able to fly the quadcopter that far since it’s quite difficult to fly. Why? Well, first off, the instruction manual is more difficult to read than Quantum Mechanics. I’m not sure who did the translation, from Chinese to English, but either they were a bit tipsy or was in the mood for some jokes – not funny, dudes.

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Let me give you an example – ‘Fly throwing motion instructions: Aircraft with six-axis gyro, playability stronger. The aircraft turned out to throw up while pushing the throttle or push rod, the aircraft can be smooth blanket the sky.’ I could go on, but I’m guessing you get the picture. It says this drone is for 14+ fans, and I kind of get it; it’s not allowed to use naughty words to describe anything, before that age.

Oh, and about the battery – the charger cable it comes with, in yellow, is supposed to be useful. It lights up red while charging, and then turns off to let you know it’s time to play. However, if you make the mistake of disconnecting it from the charger, but not the battery, it will continue to power up – guess where from? I also found it difficult to disconnect the battery and charge it, since the connectors are tiny and so is the location of the battery. By the way – as cool as those light are, why can’t we turn them off on a bright sunny day to save power? Moving on.

The microSD Card That Never Was – Used, That Is

The WiFi 720P camera will not be impressing anyone today, as you can easily see from the clip below. Why could be described as average video quality at best is what you’ll be experiencing, although I’m confused about something – and yes, oddly enough, the manual could not clarify this for me: why does the camera present itself with a microSD card slot? I was naive enough to believe it has a use, allowing the camera to store files ‘locally’ and allow the user to save some battery power; as such, I went out and bought a 16GB card, although it proved to be useless in this case.

The quadcopter should be able to do 3D tumbling in four directions and make use of the one key return button – in theory, one key to return function makes it easily to find the way home. But since this quadcopter is far from being easy to fly, or stable, that might make it difficult. By the way, what does ‘easier to control’ mean to the manufacturer?

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The controller’s push rods are so sensitive you would need two ants working them, so that the proper force would be applied as you try to hover this thing inside your house – I’ve tried that, and although I finally succeeded, there are some marks and signs on my walls and furniture to prove it; even worse, the drone seems to have something against life as we know it – my wife’s decorative plants can vouch for that.

Rest assured, the device does have character – or, is in on what Skynet is working on – as it made friends with the automated vacuum cleaner. Good thing it comes with guards and the landing gear makes for a good crash protector as well.

There is a lightweight airframe to talk about; very lightweight, to be sure, as the drone feels and looks like it was made of recycled plastic. It will handle a beating, don’t get me wrong, but one small breeze, and the drone will be sleeping with the bats – hence the how’s it hangin’ joke.

And yes, you need a ladder to fly this drone, since a few seconds after take off, I found myself in need of one and had to explain all of that to the sports equipment store employee close to where I was testing out the device. Oh, and keeping in line with the aforementioned joke – according to the manual pics, there should be a pair of clamps to keep the camera antenna properly in place, although the real deal looks different. No clamps, but the possibility to get your camera snatched off from your device.


  • Decent exterior
  • Fully packed, ready to fly
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick charge
  • Two spare propellers
  • Affordable
  • Durable/Will take a beating


  • Barely English manual
  • A tiny battery that only eases your fun muscles
  • Cool lights that can’t be turned off to save battery
  • Too light for its own good
  • Too large to be enjoyed on the inside

Final Thoughts

Would I buy this drone? Not for me, it would only get me out of the house on a sunny day to get me annoyed. However, if you want to keep someone busy and look good about it, it would make for a good present. You know what it would have been worth trying? Adding a small fishing weight to the drone; that might have helped with the handling, although it would have shortened the flight time. Seems like the proper way to go, as the manufacturer wants us to bite. Not this fish!

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