The Air Selfie Is Rova’s Way Of Making Instagram Go Mad

Rova Selfie Drone

Yes, today is all about selfies; but, how is this day different from any other day? Rova’s Air Selfie takes capturing profile pics to a whole new level.

The $299 drone is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and it offers everything one might need to capture that perfect shot without the hassle we’re used to. Bumpers reduce any damage that might occur on test flights, the extra battery will make it sure there’s enough time to enjoy the drone, and users will have no trouble in setting it up and putting it to work.

Rova Air Selfie

Note to self: don’t take this drone on a night out on the town; things could get embarrassing in the morning. Shame aside, the Air Selfie is lightweight and a smart choice if you’re out of the house regardless of destination.

ROVA New Selfie Drone

Sure, you will only experience eight minutes of flight per round, but nothing is perfect. Once those 60 minutes worth of charging time will be over, you’ll be up and running once more, taking those profile pics your followers love so much. I think it’s safe to say this summer these things will be buzzing all around us.

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ROVA Flying Selfie Drone


Beginners usability


PRO usability


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