Should The SmartPlane Pro Be Hiding In Santa’s Bag?

TobyRich SmartPlane Pro

Helicopter-styled drones are kind of my thing; quadcopters may be way more powerful or maneuverable, but it seems that simulators are kind of my passion – anyone else remembering the Microsoft flight simulators a while back? Am I that old? Moving on.

With plenty of cutting-edge technology to motivate inventors, there is plenty of fun to be had – for profit or not – and the SmartPlane Pro joins in on the game. TobyRich, a drone company that focuses on remotely app controlled planes, puts smartphones to good use and controls this fixed-wing drone through your dreams. The successful German company has revealed what they claim is the single app controlled plane that amateur pilots can experience through virtual reality glasses.

SmartPlane Pro

Is that cool? I have to admit I am impressed by ideas that take me back without being retro or vintage – can you spot the difference? That’s a discussion for another time; right now, I am focusing my attention on this interesting drone. According to the company, this thing will fly straight into a stone wall and come out unharmed – thanks to TobyRich’s proprietary durable Durinum material and a reinforced carbon fiber fuselage.

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The SmartPlane Pro FPV is reminiscent of the real deal – it certainly flies that way – and delivers some incredible thrills and stunts. With a smooth ride and cockpit view, pilots can experience a unique day up and above.

TobyRich SmartPlane drone

The VR glasses included in the package will offer you an exciting time sans the danger of actually flying. The aircraft camera streams live video to the glasses, although it’s worth mentioning that the plane can even switch to helicopter mode – for indoor use! Is this a two-for-one sale?

The drone has several pre-programmed stunt maneuvers that can be easily activated and that are carried out autonomously. With a price tag of $299, this thing has plenty of other drones beat already. Thanks a million to tobyrich for the gallery below.

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