Sparrow I Autonomous Drone Feels Industrial

Sparrow I Drone

It certainly looks that way, and that’s exactly what Israeli startup Percepto was going for. The Sparrow I drone system is a new safety inspector, a utility robot designed for aerial monitoring of complex industrial centers in the search for security.

Making use of machine vision and artificial intelligence, Sparrow I will supposedly reduce costs for companies, including the need for on-site human pilots. Fully prepared to handle harsh environments, the drone packs mounted sensors and a rechargeable battery, among other things. This robot will act autonomously, collecting data, analyzing it for further use.

The Sparrow I system is set up to be stationed on-site, with the base unit acting as a landing pad and charging station. The base also conducts maintenance checks on the functioning of the drone, verifying if repairs are needed – that will come in handy.

Sparrow I

Sparrow I weighs in at 8.5 kilograms (19 lbs), will fly for as long as 40 minutes and carry payloads of up to 2 kilograms (4.5 lbs). Now, that’s way more interesting than your average toy. No clue on purchase costs, but I doubt you’ll be needing it. Wanting it.. that’s a different debate.

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